Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meetings and Thimbleweed Quilters Events
All classes begin after the meeting.

April 22 - Thimbleweed Quilters Outdoor Quilt Show Veterans' Park, Rio Rancho

April 26 -  Spring Retreat Part 2 (Extra day - No Meeting)
Please see below for preparation instructions.

May 3 - Borders Revisited presented by Barbara Gary

May 17 - Mother's Day Tea - Please bring your placemat and table setting, food you signed up to bring (cards will be provided for labeling), wear a hat if you wish, cash needed if you want to bid on the sewing baskets.

Spring Retreat sewing is organized for April 19 after the regular meeting until 2 pm and April 26 from 9:30 am - 2:00 pm with no meeting that day. You may participate in the quilt shown below or bring your own work and enjoy the company.

Linda K is presenting the Square in Squares (Fast Fat Quarter Quilt) by permission. The original designer is Laurie J. Shifrin. Wendy Mathison simplified and made the procedure more fun. Linda says she then complicated matters with 2 more color/value options.

Here are three color combinations she presented at the Feb 1 meeting:

Fast Fat Quarter Quilt
for Spring Retreat Thimbleweeds 2018 taught by Linda Kamm

The inspiration for this quilt came from Laurie J. Shifrins book, Batik Beauties, 2001, Mar-tingale Company. The quilt is called "Native Rainbow” and is shown on page 37 with direc-tions on page 38 - 39. Wendy Mathison, fabulous San Diego quilt teacher, had a different, faster way of cutting and sewing the pieces. I, then, changed the format to square and changed the borders to include a triangle.

Rotary cutter with new blade
6 x 12 quilting ruler (an 8 1/2 x 24 is handy if cutting at the center)
Small cutting board, some pins, scissors or clipper, chocolate
Cotton thread to blend with your fabrics Sewing machine, cord and foot pedal

Fabric requirements
This is the perfect quilt pattern for getting rid of left overs in your stash. A great way to use those not so glamorous fabrics or “not enough to do anything with” fab-rics.

Starch your fabrics
If, for some reason you have an aversion to starch, you can do the whole quilt without it. Just to test this I did the smaller quilt without starch. Believe me, it is not nearly as much fun. But doable. I also cut some of the fabric from strips across grain rather than vertically with the grain of fat quarters. Again doable, but took more time with ironing and matching pieces. You're not saving any time or accuracy.

contrasting fabric (unless you are careful when arranging the blocks ). To keep your quilt from looking boring, make sure to vary the scale of the prints, i.e., some large-scale prints, some medium/textural, and some prints that look like solids from a few feet away. I started with the setting squares fabric and picked other fabrics to go with it.

The black/red sample is a example of 1 color and its shades, tints, and tones. The red contrast keeps it from getting boring.

The scrappy quilt is a free-for-all. I really push the limits on color theory on that one. Used up a lot of my old, old fabrics with flower or leaf motifs. (You never learn any-thing if you play it safe all the time!)

To get a look similar to the blue sample quilt, use fabrics in 2 to 3 related color families that are all pretty much the same. This means from light-medium to dark-medium. Avoid any high

LARGE SQUARE (blue/red-violet)


blocks 85 squares = 15 fat quarters (15 half blocks per qtr.)
setting triangles & 1 1/2 inner border (use to float the blocks) 3/4 yard
[24 (6 - 8 1/2”squares 2 - 4 1/2” squares) 6 strips 1 1/2”] outer border = 1 1/4 yard (8 strips 4 3/4” wide)
triangle design in outer border = 1 strip 4 3/4 your choice of fabric


41 squares = 7 fat quarters
(15 half blocks per quarter)
setting triangles & inner border & triangle design in outer border
1 yard [16 (4 - 8 1/2” squares
2 - 4 1/2” squares), 4 - 1 1/2“ strips, 1 strip 4 3/4” for 4 squares ]
outer border = 3/4 yard
(5 strips 4 3/4 wide, 4 border & 4 corner squares)


59 squares = 10 fat quarters
(12 half blocks per fat quarter) setting triangles & inner border
1 yard of fabric [20 (5 - 8 1/2” squares) & 5 - 2“ strips ]
accent border
1/4 yard (5 - 1 1/4”strips ) outer border 1 yard medium to dark
(6 - 5”strips)

Additional fabric will be needed for backing and binding.     

Page 3 instruction - Cutting strips

*****Updates to the instructions*****
1)For more information please contact Linda at lindaskamm@gmail.com. The email in the directory is missing my middle initial "s". A socialite out East is probably very confused!

2)On the second handout I gave you, I made a mistake. On page 3, number 5. I'm talking about  sewing together your 1 1/2 inch strips. Two sentences later, I wrongly referred to them as "2 1/2" strips".  You are still working with your 1 1/2 inch strips. 

3)And again, Do Not proceed any further than step 5. *** The next step does not proceed as most patterns you have used before.***

4)Besides your sewing machine, rotary cutter, pins, lunch: you will need a small cutting mat and a small ruler. The ruler can be 3 x 6, or 6 x 12 is perfect. I will bring 2 irons and 2 ironing boards for your use.


April 19 – Spring Retreat Part 1 – Linda Kamm, Easy Square in squares
   April 22 - Sunday Annual Outdoor Quilt Show
April 26 – Spring Retreat Part 2 – not a regular meeting
May 3 – Borders Revisited – Barbara Gary (by Request)
May 17 – Mother’s Day Tea
June 7 – Triangle Frenzy Swirl Table Runner – Carol Zibert (by Request)
June 21 – Community Service sewing gifts for the Giving Tree that will benefit the charity at the 2018 Fiber Arts Fiesta. Barbara Striegel will be leading this effort.
July 5 – Program TBD
July 19- Program TBD
August 2 – Brandi Perea, owner of Tea Cup Quilt Shop, will present a program about using pre-cuts for your quilts. This will be about 45 minutes, so we can do Free Sew/UFOs afterwards.
August 16 – Travel ‘Roll Up’ Blanket – Irene Ruggirello
September 6 – Community Service sewing gifts for the Giving Tree that will benefit the charity at the 2018 Fiber Arts Fiesta. Barbara Striegel will be leading this effort.
September 14 – 16 – Hummingbird Fall Retreat
September 20 – Community Service sewing gifts for the Giving Tree that will benefit the charity at the 2018 Fiber Arts Fiesta. Barbara Striegel will be leading this effort.
October 4 - Fleece Hats session 2 for charity donations- to get ready for the upcoming cold season 
October 18 – Pocketed Project Basket – Yvonne Silvia
November 1 – Projects and Potatoes
November 15 - UFO/Free Sewing/possible Community Service

December 6 – Holiday Party Last Meeting of the Year


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