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December 1, 2016
(There will be no more meetings in 2016)

Sheila W - Finished her Tahoe bag from Hummingbird Camp 2015

Page G - Spinning Star from Hummingbird Camp 2016

Judy G - Jacket and Baby Blanket

Mary M - a Finish!

Kristen G - Dinosaur Baby Quilt

Anne T - Houses

Anne T - House detail

Colleen K - Old Collector's Treasure

Lucy G - Christmas Ornament from Projects & Potato Day

Lucy G - This is what happens when you change the orientation of the folds, a very interesting pine cone effect.

Lucy G - Poppies for a Finish It!

Irene R - casserole carrier

Irene R - casserole carrier folds to hold so easily!

Jane V - Carpenter Star for a Finish It!

Anne T - Many little blocks

Vicky H - Crazy Eights pattern by Bits & Pieces

Ardith A - Purple Irish Chain with Flower Blocks

Ardith A - R, W, & B for a Finish It

Ardith A - This was to be the back but became a second quilt instead!

 November 17, 2016

Presentation of Thank you Quilt to Rosemary for being our friendly Sabana Grande Coordinator

Group effort for the Thank you Quilt

Charity Quilt made by Loretta Trascott

 Charity Quilt made by Joyce Johnstone

Irene R - 30's splendor and DNA

Roseann M - Christmas Placemats with Names

Cathy L  - completed a quilt top - Good Going!

Ann D - Red, White and Blue Orphan Blocks

Jeanne H - Christmas Ball fro 2 projects and potato day

November 3, 2016
No photos available

October 20, 2016
Thank you to Faye for filling in as photographer.

Please remember to sign the Show and Tell List so I can put your name with your wonderful creations! As much as I try sometimes I get names confused. Thank you for your help.

Kristen I - Flower Quilt

A big smile and "Thank You" from Holly P - Winner of the Raffle Quilt. All donation of socks and underwear and other items went to the Kids' closet of Store House West.

October 6, 2016
Thank you to Faye for filling in as photographer.

Pat R - Oriental Wall hanging

Mary M - Applique and Log Cabin Table Runner

Lucy G - "Autumn Leaves" placemats

Ann D - Mondo bag

Cathy G - Flower Pot Table Runner

Pauline G - Pillow

Judy G - Catherdral Table topper

Judy G - Gypsy Bag

SJ - Batik Lap quilt

Rose M - Xmas tree skirt

Anne T -

Irene R - Butterfly Wall Hanging

Examples from Gail Garber's Class at Hummingbird

Benee K - Indian Corn Wall Hanging

Irene R - 1930's fabrics Quilt

The Apron Brigade ready for night walk

more fun with the Apron Brigade

Benee K - tote bag (Yvonne's class)

Benee K - 3D flower pillow

Evonne H - Wall Quilt

Evonne H - Hexagon table mat

Evonne H - Prayer Quilt

Evonne H - Christmas Quilt

Back of Christmas quilt

Bobbie P - Halloween House

Bobbie P - Halloween Quilt

Bobbie P - Halloween Witch Owl Table runner

Cathy G - apron

Anna Mae F - 3D Flower Pillow

Anna Mae F - Tree Skirts

Kennie W - Folded Wreath Candle mat

Kennie W - Snap Purse

Kristen I - Baby Quilt

Kristen I - Batik Quilt

Batik on the back too

Kristen I - Fish Quilt

Back of Fish Quilt

Cathy L - Fall Scene Purse

Community service SW theme in Black for ACCH fund raiser

Judy G - NMQA Challenge prize winner

September 15, 2016

 Mary with some of her large quilts from over her 98 years



Linda Littman's yellow and pink quilt

Linda Littman's Flower Pillow

Judy G - National Parks Memory Banner

Robin K - Anita's Arrowhead

Pat R. - Flannel Woven -look Plaid

Kennie W - Bird Quilt

Kennie W - table runner and patriotic placemats

Kennie w - tablerunner

Kennie W - table runners

Jennie W - Texas Flag quilt

Kathy S - Bejeweled quilt top

Kathy S - Feathers quilt top

Kathy S - 3-D Blocks quilt top

Bobbie P - Flower table runner (Oct Finish It!)

Cathy L - Brick door stop

Suzi C - Mrs Higgins Hummingbird quilt for 2016 camp

Vicky H - Doily Quilt challenge

Sheila W - 4th of July Placemats

Holly P- two purses from Crafty Gemini Bag of the Month Club

Holly P - Dinosaur Houses (Gail Garber "Homecoming" hand applique. BoM 2013)

September 1, 2016

Carole Z - Bargello Quilt

Kennie W - Patriotic wall hanging

Kennie W - Japanese Cranes

Kennie W - Fall Quilt

Hawks Aloft 2016 Raffle Quilt

Hawks Aloft 2016 Auction Quilt

Lucy G - Hibiscus table runner form collection (Cartwheel Constellation is  a Finish It! Club item)

Judy G - Class Project - Hearts
  Judy G - Pillow from Jeanne H. 3D flower pillow class

Ann D - 9 Patch Leftovers

Jeanne H. - Placemats

Donna B - Tote Bag (shown by susie c.)

May M - Scrappy Quilt top from Spring 2016 Retreat

Mary M - Second scrappy Top from Spring 2016 Retreat

Kathy S. and Sue H. - Scrappy Log Cabin  Charity quilt (needs a quilter to do next step please)

Debbie J - Holiday tree napkin from two contrasting half circles

Debbie J. - Holiday tree napkin with its folds

Jane V - Windmill at Night lap quilt

Sheila W - Chatelain

Sheila W - wearing her Chatelain

Judy L - Pet vest

Please find the rest of the show and tell for this day in the Finish It! Club section

August 18, 2016

Debbie R. - Tree Skirt

Carole Z. - Leaf table runner from a Barbara Gary class

Gina M. - God Bless the USA - each state block is hand embroidered

Anna Mea F. - Tea Bag carrier

Anna Mae F. - Sweet Pea Pods (zipper bags)

Faye H. - recovered car Window Shades

Daryl P. - Purse

Daryl P. - Prickly Pear Quilt

Daryl P. - Bloom Quilt

Judy A. - Sampler afghan, placemat

Judy A. - Penguin Pair Lap Quilt - made as wedding gift

Pauline G. - Baby quilt - adapted UNM colors

Barbara S. - Charity item to make - Needle holder

Marcie F. - Baby Quilt

Marcie F. - Postage Stamp scrappy Quilt (1" finished squares)

Marcie F. - Roy G Biv Postage Stamp Quilt (1 1/2 " finished squares)

August 4, 2016

Lisa S. -visiting - Reversible Bargello Vest

Rosalie B. - Patriotic Baby Quilt

Sue B. - Heritage Quilt Repair - Mother's Bridal Show Quilt fro 1930s

Jannett S. - Anitia's Arrowhead Quilt

Benee K. - Casserole cover and Christmas Table cover

Ann D. - 5 Patch Scrappy Quilt

Carole Z. - Warm Wishes charity Quilts - small one for wheelchair bound person

July 21, 2016
Yvonne - Baby quilt

Yvonne - boys quilt

Yvonne - girls quilt

Cathy L. - anew member - welcome! Showing her love of machine embroidery

Cathy L - patchwork block on a shirt

Cathy L. - purse with fun machine embroidery too

Marilyn C - T-shirt quilt for grown son

Daryl P - Kite Quilt

Daryl P - Flower Zip pouch

Kristen I - Irish Quilt - group effort

Closer view of hand applique

Page G - Red Nosegay Medallion

Irene R - sharing that she loves her new thread holder with pin cushion

Benee K - Twisted Triangle Table Runner

Bobbie P - Mini Professional tote (July Finish It!)

Vicky H - Folk Art Holiday "Plus" Quilt

Elisa Q (Kate's daughter) - Fox Block Quilt - all done herself!

Kate Q - Royal River Dance lap Quilt

July 7, 2017
The list was incomplete for this meeting. We're sorry if your name fails to appear with your quilt. Leaving it out seemed better than attributing incorrectly.
Be sure to look under the Finish It! tab for more happy accomplishments.

Ardith A - Scrappy fun

Ardith A - R, W, & B

Daryl P - Water bottle  carrier with pocket
Congratulations on winning the Best In Show at "Sisters" for your block (not shown)

 Daryl P - Summer Sling

Anna Mae F - granddaughter easy wear dress

Anna Mae F - Funny mats

Anna Mae - table runners

Anna Mae F - using up the leftovers

Anne Mae F. - more fun with the triangles

Anna Mae f - and the leftovers from those

Anna Mae F - using every scrap with this technique

 Anna Mae F - Another fabric that worked

Lorraine B - Eleanor Burns American Barns Pattern (done so well!)

Pat R - R, W, &B strips

Lucy G - Baby Quilts

Kennie W - Black and White Dragon

Sanchez - SW Turquoise Quilt

Diane B - Christmas

Judy A - Peguins to be gifted

Jeanne H - Placemats and small quilt

 Ardith A - Modified Delectable Mountain

June 16, 2016
Photographer absent

June 2, 2016
Be sure to look under the Finish It! tab for more happy accomplishments.

Carole Z. -Green Pavers!

Jeannie White - Reunion Quilt

Jeannie White - Reunion Quilt back

Nancy W - Stack n Whack kaleidoscope

Judy G - Thread Painting Flamingo

Judy G - Minions and Cat in the Hat

Daryl P - Large tote

Daryl P - bag

Daryl P - Paris tote

Daryl P - bag

Daryl p - bag

Daryl P - carrier and water bottle holder

Daryl P - mini quilt

Sue H Batik stripes

Sue H - Mariners' Compass

Glenda C - Purse

Bobby P - Water Bottle carriers

Vicky H - Riley Blake Challenge

May 5, 2016
We had lots of show and tell at this meeting. To see the rest of the great progress our members our making please go to the "Finish It" tab.

Holly P. - Qult for Daughter's Graduation from NMT. Includes two big pillow cases and two small accent pillows - Bright Hopes Block 

Daryl - Zip pouches

 Daryl - Blooming blocks going well

Daryl - Another BoM project in progess

Daryl - Table runner

Daryl - Koi Table runner

Yvonne - Cross stitch wall hanging made by her stitching group for a member/friend

Yvonne - close up of a couple blocks

Bobbie - small hanging

 Bobbie - Bloom Blocks progress

Bobbie - Splendid Sampler Blocks

Miriam F. - Halloween Placemets

Judy G. - Top finished from Spring retreat 2016

Mary M - Partial finish from Spring retreat 2016

Mary M - Lobo Quilt

Mary M. Back of Lobo Quilt

April 21, 2016

Kennie W. and Billie R. enjoyed being fabric shopping and quilting pals

Kenie W. and Billie R. loved these panels and designed this quilt together

Kristen G. - Mermaid Tail sleep sack

Sheila W. - Ruler case

Yvonee S. - quilts for her boys

Yvonne S. - Rt 66 and travel close up

Yvonne S. - designed her own vehicles

Yvonne S. - bulldozer label

Yvonne S. - quilts for her boys

Linda H. - Music wall hanging

Irene R. - Classic Santas

Irene R. - Horse panel for friend

Cathy G. - Anita's Arrowhead

Ann V. - Go With the Flow (from Spring retreat 2013)

Faye H. - Finish It - Apron from Men's Shirt

April 7, 2016

Sue H. - rescued log cabin quilt with added block for symmetry and interest

Holly P. - Gail Garber  inspired project from Sept 2013 

Holly P. - Civil War Block of the Month 2014

Tara C. - Knitted sheep

Daryl - Patriotic table runner

Daryl - Knitted cozy for drinking glass or jar

Bobbie P. - Table runner

Bobbie P. - Quilt top

Bobbie P. - Autumn table runner

 Pat R. - Panel Quilt

Jeanee H. - Chimayo Church - done previously and came out for Colors of the SW show
and Iris for the Iris Society.

Judy G. - Pineapple project

Sheila W. - 4 Christmas placemats

Jannett S. - Hocus Pocus quilt top

Jannett S. - bag

Glenda T. - Hocus Pocus quilt top

Glenda T. - bambi quares quilt top

Diane B. and Ann D. - Quilt kit they won from a quilt finished quilt contest. Ann pieced and Diane quilted. They are donating it to Thimbleweed for a raffle.

Closer view of above quilt

Ann D. - Star gazing quilt with zodiac symbols

Ann D. and her quilt

Vicky H. - Halloween pillow cases

Debbie R. - bag one

Debbie R.- Bag 2

Anna Mae F. - Inherited squares - hand pieced and hand quilted

Showing for finishing advice

Jane - Hocus Pocus Quilt

Jane - Christmas tree quilt

Pauline G. - Log cabin disappearing stars (Tara's class)

Anne T. - Flower Pin cushions

March 17, 2016

Daryl - Handbags she made ( one being held behind and one she's holding

Daryl - Zip pouches in several sizes

Daryl - more zip pouches

 Shelia - Large Iron Caddy

Billie - Oriental quilt

Billie - Christmas Quilt

Judy L - Cowboy Quilt for her hubby

Yvonne S - Southwest Dolls to show in Colors of the Soutwest

Ann D - Christmas Carolers

Page G - UFO ready for quilting

Faye H - "My Reindeer Hurd" - faces are boot prints and
antlers are hand prints of her grandchildren

Irene r - Iron Caddy

Irene r - Snowman quilt

Benee K - Focus Hocus Pocus quilt ( she presented the class)

Benee K. - the back for the Focus Hocus Pocus Quilt

Pauline G - Focus Hocus Pocus quilt

Genevieve D. - focus Hocus Pocus quilt

Benee K. - Tea Towl Apron

Ardit A. - focus Hocus Pocus Quilt

Sue H. - 30's prints Irish Chain - (done with 30's prints for now, this will become a charity quilt)

Debbie R. - Finished from a Barbara Gary class in 2010

Debbie R. - Finished fro Spring Retreat 2014

Bev - Quilting done for a Mother's Day Tea

Kathy L  giving a quilting set up demo assisted by Judy A.

March 3, 2016

Mary's early quilt all hand pieced and hand quilted

Mary looking at her quilt

98 year old Mary and her early quilt

Daryl - Bloom Quilt and Snowman blocks

Nancy W. - Cactus #1: Las Tunas

Nancy W. - Monet swims with the fishes

Debbie R. - Non-skid sewing machine food pad

Debbie R. -  The larger size of foot pad

Debbie R. - quilt begun with Dolores J. in 2005

Dolores J - version of quilt started with Debbie R.

Mary M. - Pink applique with 30's retro fabric. For Finish It club

Mary M. - Wizard of Oz. For Finish It club

Betty F. - Blue Eagle quilt

Judy G. - SW Landscapes

Judy G. - Shibori Dying and Iron case sitting in front

Kathy S. - Iron case open

Kathy S. - Judy N's Mariner's Compass

Cathy G. - Iron tote, orange on the table

Cathy G. - minki blanket

Cathy G. - Blue Christmas Tree Skirt

Ann V. - Wonder Bag

February 18, 2016
No photographer present

98 year old Mary with her quilt  (Jeanne H. assisting)- photo courtesy of Maria G. 

98 year old Mary with her quilt  (Jeanne H. assisting)- photo courtesy of Maria G.

February 4, 2016

Irene R - Wall hanging for St Patrick's Day

Irene R. - placemats finsihed using Diane B's binding class

Debbie R. - husband's baby quilt  - finished what his mom start all those years ago

Yvonne - project bags

Yvonne - finally finished quilt from Barbara Gary class

Janne H - placemats completed using two different classes at Thimbleweed

Janne H - happy to finish the quilt

Anna Mae - finsihed the placemat project ( Diane B's binding class was a hit!)

Anna Mae F. - small bag (currently holding needle books)

Anna Mae F. -  needle book open

Daryl - colorful quilt

Daryl -  iron tote

Daryl - Scissor case

Daryl - other small bags

Vicky - "Film At Five" Quilt

Judy Lawson - table runner

Kristen I. - Quilt tote

Kristen I. - Raw edge flowers quilt

Kristen I. - close up of raw edge flowers

Kristen I. - Applique Quilt

Kristen I. - Bird Applique quilt

Bobbie P. - Valentine table mat

Bobbie P. - Valentine wall hanging

Bobbie P. Valentine bag for daughter's school valentines

Bobbie P. - Watermelon Quilt

Amanda K - picking up on quilting

Ann K. Showing DIL's (Amanda K.) quilt

Cathy G. - 2 sets of placemats

Kate - Colorful Quilt - Working on the longarm quilting

Colorful quilt colser, showing the quilted circles

Colleen K. - Flower quilt from past
being entered into the Colors of the SW show for
Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council

January 21, 2016

Tara showing the Bag Daryl made for her - with Daryl

Emily showing a couple of the gifts coming up for the Finish It group

Gifts to go to a lucky person in the Finish It group

Daryl with wallet sample she tested

Daryl showing a multi zipper bag she sampled

The zippers work!

Zipper tote holding still

Daryl with Snowman quilt block

Daryl with her large batik quilt top

Close up of Batik Quilt top

Kristen G. - NM Wall hanging

Ann Driscoll - 2015 Block of the Month Quilt complete!

Benee K. - Flower Fairy Quilt

One Fairy gets a close up

Benee K and Placemats made for a friend

Benee K. - her friend likes chicken in her kitchen

Benee K. - DNA quilt from Fall 2015 Retreat

Chicken in the Kitchen for Benee K's friend

Pat R. - Color wheel wall hanging

Pat R.  - Giraffes wall hanging

January 7, 2016
No photographer present

December 3, 2015

AnnaMae F. presented this Freedom House Charity Quilt
Yvonne S. did the finishing binding

Benee K. with her first Christmas Quilt in all her years of quilting

Kate's 9 year old quilted the front of this cute purse

Kate finished piecing and quilting this quilt after a long time of getting coordinating fabrics

 Kate showing sample for her upcoming placemat class using a new cutting technique

Ann K. made name wall hangings for her granddaughter's new rooms

Bobbie P (and Josiah) showing her purple flowers quilt

Bobbie made this fun wall hanging for a 60th birthday gift

November 19, 2015

Tara's bags held by by our lovely Anna Mae and Faye

Ruth L. - Old World Santas, embroidered then quilted

Kennie W. - Crane Panel Quilt Top

Kennie W. - Christmas Tree Panel Quilt Top

Yvonne S. - Little girl's Quilt with case

Page G.  - Spring retreat bag and catchall from 4 projects

Ann D. - Hummingbird Retreat Barb's class and small holiday topper

Hazel R. and Joyce J. - UFO group, Fall Leaves

Joyce J.  peeking over

Hazel R. talking about above quilts

Who did this? I'm sorry I didn't get you in the photo.

November 5, 2015

Debbie R. - Tahoe Tote from Fall Retreat

Debbie R. - Bag from Tara's class

Selina F. - looking for good home  and repairs? for old (antique?) quilt

Selina F. - another old quilt that needs a home

Selins F. - a third quilt that is homeless - any suggestions?

Selina F. - Witch legs and shoes

Selina F. - Halloween fun, made several sets

Vicky H. - Halloween "gumball" quilt

Vicky H. - Moda free pattern

Vicky H. - NMQA State Fair fabric challenge quilt

Benee K. - Wall Hanging for son

Benee K. - son's wall hanging to hold more collected military pins

Bobbie P. - Proud of 4-yr-old granddaughter's first sewing machine work

Bobbie P. - Using "new" rulers from her stash for Table runner

Bobbie P. - bag from Tara's class

Bobbie P. - Halloween apron (see, this is why I try to stop you and make you smile ;P)

Bobbie P. - apron up close - used a "new" ruler on the prairie points too.

October 15, 2015

Charity Quilt pieced and donated to Thimbleweed by non-member Sharon Cervantes. Quilted by member Kathy Lyon. Being donated to Albuquerque Christian Children's Home for a fundraiser. 

Closer view of quilting by Kathy Lyon

AnnaMae F. - Finished projects from Fall Retreat - Men's shirt Apron

AnnaMae F.cutting mat bag

Tahoe Tote form Fall retreat night owl project

Fat quarter "gypsy" bag

Diane B. - Baby Quilt top

Ardith A - Cowboy Santa

Linda H. - recommending this book:

 Linda H. - Table runner from "Take 5 Fat Quarters" book

Glenda C.

Sue H. - Tahoe Tote from Fall Retreat Night Owl

  Benee K. - Fairies Quilt for 5 yr old granddaughter

Benee K.- Fairie Quilt

Vicky H. - Music Quilt

Bobbie P.  - used a new ruler on this table topper

Bobbie P. - armful of finished home decorating projects
Bobby P.  - Autumn hanger

Bobby P. - back of Spring hanger

Bobby P. Front of spring hanger

Bobby P. - Halloween decoration she hangs each year

Ann V. - Design called Bugs in a Jar (but she doesn't like bugs) Made with food and candy fabrics from the free stage

October 1, 2015

Jeanne H.  - Round table-topper, a class fisnish

 Athena - Bag collection and fall retreat quilt top

Diane B. - Stack N whack Balloons

Kennie W. - Strip quilt for one sone

Kennie W. - Quilt for other son

Robin K. - Applique and quilting all by hand

Wanda S. - Charity Quilt

Judy G. - night owl tote bag and hat she receives with her slipper exchange

Judy G. - other "night owl" potholder

Judy G. - retreat quilt top

Judy G. - Best of Show in (remind me of the category) at NM State Fair 2015

 Remind me who please (it wasn't on my list) - "Walk About" Quilt

Mary M. - Tote bag won blue at the NM State Fair 2015

Mary M. - A Judy Neimeyer Quilt finish

Benee K. on left and Ardith A. on right - Retreat Quilt Tops

Ardith A. and Holly P. Retreat Quilt Tops

Ardith A. - "Dreamweaver"

Ardith A. - designed herself from partial photo

Lorraine B. - Betty Blackwell's last quilt

Irene R. left, Holly P. center, Ann D. - Retreat night owl "Tahoe" bags

 Pat R. - jelly roll quilt

Faye H. -  circle quilt for  local girl she met in treatment with Hannah

Faye H. - Friendship Angel

Kate - practice with her own new longarm  machine

September 17, 2015

Diane B. found this quilt top in her stash and it's not one she remembers doing.
Is it yours that she was supposed to quilt? Let Diane know!

Judy A. and her latest Hummingbird as a pillow

Pat R. with two scrap quilts she completed

Irene R - Chicken water bottle carrier

Vicki L.

Vicki L.

September 3, 2015
No photographer

August 20, 2015
Caorle Z. - finished several UFO's! - Small tablerunner

Carole Z. - Small quilt finsih

Carole Z. - "Anita's Arrowhead" from Spring Retreat

Anna M. - bag from Yvonne's class completed

Anna M. - Charity quilts

Kristen G. T-shirt quilt

Mary M. -  "Judy Neimeyer" Quilt completed

Linda L. - Tote bag from Yvonne's class

Anne Townsend - "Gail Garber" house quilt

Linda R. - Stars

 Jeannie H - Large Quilt with Star

Lucy G. - Becoming family heirloom

Lucy G. - Close up of  heirloom embroidery

Lucy G. - Grandmother's hand pieced quilt top

Lucy G. - husband made Hawaiian quilt

Lucy G. -  close up of Hawaiian fabrics

Lucy G. - husband even long-arm quilted this himself

August 6, 2015

Hannah's quilt being presented to her Grandmother, Faye H. (on the right) by Kathy Lyon (left) who did the wonderful free motion machine quilting on it.

Genevieve D.  - Scrappy Squares

Linda H. - completed this handed down dutch girls

Mary M. and her two new bags made in Thimbleweed classes

Kathy S. - showing great work done by her quilter

Kathy S.  - Scrappy happineww

Kathy S.  - Feathered Wheel

Yvonne S. _ wonderful Red, White and Blue

Pat R.

Pat R. - Stars

Pat R. back of Stars

Lila M. - quilting young and doing well

Lila M. - back side fabric

Evonne H. - Happy quilt (and bag but photo failed)

Anne T. - Showing off this amazing two-sided quilt  she acquired.

Anne T. - Close up of 3-D parts on front

Anne T. - Reverse side

Lind R. - Spring Retreat quilt in stunning B & W

Suzi C. - Quilt for Mrs. H. at Hummingbird Music Camp

Ann V. - Fall Colors

Holly P. - Child's quilt for donation

July 16, 2015
Regular photographer out of town - anyone have photos for this session?

July 2, 2015

Hugs & Kisses for Hannah

Hugs& Kisses raffle quilt

Tara - Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones panel close-up

Sue H. - Full Bloom - Quilted by Shirley


 Marilyn - placemats class

Pat - Positive and Negative

Pat - Bali Pops

Pat - Nova

Holly - placemats class

Holly - zipper pouches

Holly - Row by Row H2O tote

June 18, 2015
Carole Z. gifted with "Quilting Queen"

Irene R. New tote bag

Linda L. Thrift store up-cycle dress

Faye H. Gypsy bag from class project

Kathy S. Prize winning quilt at AFAF

Kathy S. starry quilt close-up

Kthy S. Stary Quilt

Kathy S. large sewing theme tote

Vucky H. Purple!

Kate Q. Mini tote - Lovely Girl pattern

June 4, 2015

Ardith A. 50th Wedding Anniversay gift.

Ardith A. Flying Geese

Judy A. Travel Quilt

Judy A. Monet interpretation

Lorraine B. Cats

Lorraine B Tiger

Sheila W. class projects completed

 May 7 - Presenting Father's Day "Tee" Quilt

Made by Suzi C.

May 7, 2015

Robin K. T-shirt quilt

Renee K. Spring retreat Anita's Arrowhead

Judy G. class projects completed

Faye H. Spring retreat Anita's Arrowhead

Ann D. class projects completed

Irene R.  Pumpkin placemats

Liz M. Spring retreat Anita's Arrowhead

Miriam V.

Tara C.

Kate Q. scrappy fun

Kate Q. Bandanas made easy

April 2, 2015

Tara's Bag

Tara's "Spring Retreat" quilt done early!

Jane - Exploding Jelly roll Pineapples

Linda R. - learned new techniques.

Donna B. - Bubble dress and turkey mesh veil

Donna B. -  Recycled Material winner,
Pool cover dress

Carole Z.

Carole Z. - Starlight, Starbright

Colleen K. - Travel Challenge - Frigate Bird

Judy G. - sun Bonnet Sue

Robin K. - New Placemats for her Dad.

March 18, 2015

Quilts about Travel - Ardith's challenge for outdoor show

Using colors from a swatch

Ann's new great-grandbaby will get these

Faye's  wooden "blocks" but no barn

Vicky H. Halloween

March 5, 2015

Debbie R. Baby quilts and gown from her mom's

 Ann K.

Ann K. note the quilting

Sue H. Thread painting

Kathi M. Brown Autumn

Kathi M. Wonky ruler

Betty F. Pineapple tablerunner

Betty F.

Betty F. Pillow club creations

Cenia P.  Horses for herself

Cenia P. Back is pretty too

Mary M. Bear block

Mary M. with Pineapples on the back


February 19, 2015

Debbie R.

Debbie R.

Ardith A.

Benie K.

Karan G.

Karan G.

Karan G.

Rhoda W. - guest

Rhoda W.

Joyce H.

Sue H.

Kate - printed fabric quilts



February 5, 2015

Tara showing Japanese "sampler"

"Sampler" section

Karan G

Karan G.

Karan G.

Kennie W.

Kennie W. (sorry it's fuzzy , I liked her smile)

Kathy S.

Linda R.

Judy G.

Judy G.

Anna P.

Betty F. - old quilt for sale

Faye H.


December 4, 2014
Debbie R.



Yvonne S.

Sue H.

 Irene r.

Kathy S. ornaments

Kate Q.

Kate's closer

Finishers of the Block of the Month Blocks

 And some of their creations ...

November 21,2014

Jeanne H.

Robin S.

Wanda S.

Kathy S.

Barbara R.

Mary Jane V.

Judy A.

Cathy G.

Cathy G.

Kennie W.

 Judy G.

Diane B.

Debbie R.

October 16, 2014

Genevieve's Asian Quilt

Kennie's Blue Pinwheels

Yvonne's Bold quilt

Yvonne's soft colors

Yvonne's sunblock (from B. Gary's class)

Judy A's miniature log cabin

Judy A's miniature animals

Lucy's Art quilt from Fall retreat

October 2, 2014

Raffle Quilt

September 18, 2014

September 4, 2014

August 21, 2014

Trunk Show - vintage handkerchiefs
by Jo White  *  July 17, 2014

Parade of Pillowcases 
for charity July 3, 4014

July 3, 2014

Community Service results:
June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014

June 5, 2014

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