Sunday, April 19, 2015

Quilt Show Recognition

What a fun day we had today.  Just wanted to send out some thank yous and acknowledgements:

To all of you who were on the weather committee...The best weather ever!

To Kathy Lyon and her husband and all of you who baked or brought something....we had so many yummy treats for our visitors.  We were also able to make up a nice plate of cookies as a thank you to the guys who set up the park and beautified it just for us!

To Irene and her team of terrific ticket sellers.  It looked like we made some serious money on our raffle quilt.

To Bob's, Busy Bee and ThreadBear, our spiffy vendors.  I hope you all found something you couldn't live without!

To Pat's guys really drew a crowd...and that lively music had people tapping their feet and dancing through the show.  Thanks!

To Barbara and Suzi, thanks for delivering water bottles to thirsty Tweeders and for staying to help at the end of the show!

To the Konetznis...thanks for help with set up and take down and for inviting your Iris Society buddies!

To Kathy Sublett who did a lot of the publicity work, so we had a crowd of visitors!!

To my sweet husband, who is just so handy and helpful, for bringing his old timey music to liven up the back side of the show!

And to all of you, more than 30 of you, who brought more than 250 quilts to show off...I am truly appreciative.  

You are all part of what makes Thimbleweeds a special group!

Wow, that was a lot of exclamation journalist daughter would be aghast!!


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