Sunday, December 6, 2015

Donna Mail

Hello Ladies,

Below are a couple of notes I got after the party (which was reported to be a great one)!

I brought a cake shovel to the party and I think I left it there.  Signed Linda Littman

To whoever picked up the 18 inch doll princess clothes pattern and fabric from the stage yesterday, I still have the directions.
 Call me and I will get them to you.  Evonne 505-412-1773 (must dial the 505).  Signed Evonne Holder

And in other news, Holly will be sending out the Thimbleweeds e mail from now on...I've enjoyed this job for quite a few years, staying in touch with all of you, and hope to see you all in the summer, and at the quilt show and the retreat!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Moments from the Dec 3, 2015 Holiday Party

A gift from Thimbleweed Quilters for our 98 year old member Mary as she moves to her new residence.

The sweet doll bed collaborations that were used as a silent auction fund-raiser for Thimbleweed's chosen charities.

Selected as the winner of the place setting judging for being the Most Whimsical.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Next Meeting

This is the week for the Thimbleweeds Christmas Party...see the newsletter for all the details!

Remember you can still bring kids toys for the toy drive.

And... don't forget your "fond memory/picture/thanks of Colleen for Tara to put in a memory book for her.  Barbara will be quietly/secretly collecting them during the party.  Just a few sentences on a piece of paper will be fine, or include a photo!  She'll be touched.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Good Morning Ladies,
Another busy, busy meeting!

We will be drawing for Hannah's quilt this week, so bring your lucky dollars to buy a few more tickets!

Community Service Sew-in is this week. We are asking everyone to bring 3  4.5" strips of any fabric cut the width of the fabric, a seam ripper and pins. If you didn't sign up for a job please come with the equipment listed below and plan to stay. We will find a team for you to work with. We will also have a quilt ready to be tied for those who can help us complete this quilt.

If you signed up as a sewer please bring your machine, cords etc. and several bobbins filled with a neutral thread. We will be sewing lots of strips together and will use lots of thread. If you are a iron/cutter: please bring you own rotary cutter, a cutting mat, 6 x 24" ruler, ironing surface and seam ripper. We have several irons but if you prefer bringing your own feel free to do so. The seam rippers are for creating the design not for repairing mistakes.

Bring your lunch, we have the room until 2:30, and remember there is a surprise for all who stay and play. This is your chance to help a very worthy cause and to learn a new quilt top pattern to boot! Any questions please call Barbara 867-2138 or Kathy 771-3593.

If you have items for the camp silent auction, you can bring them to AnnaMae at the meeting.  Even if you're not going to camp, we love your donations :)

We still have a couple of spaces if you want to join us at Hummingbird.  donna

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Good Evening Ladies,

The Thimbleweeds meeting is this week, and there is a lot going on!

Elizabeth Dawson is teaching her notepad cover so come prepared.
You need to bring: 8 1/2"X11 fabrics for cover, inner  cover pocket,  batting and fusible interfacing.

 Your dangles are due!  Please give them to Colleen.  You'll get a set of dangles back at the next meeting.

We will still be selling tickets on Hannah's quilt, so bring your pennies.

There are still a couple of spots for the retreat, so if you want to go, bring your checkbook and Barbara and Suzie will get you all signed up.  If you signed up and made a partial payment, the balance is due Thursday.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Retreat & Next Meeting

Hold on Ladies,
There is a lot to this e mail, lots going on.  This is out UFO bring something to work on and plan to stay. We'll be taking sign ups for the retreat!! 

The Enchanted Vista Iris Society had many fine iris left over from our sale.  Barbara and Robin will be selling these at the meeting. They range in price from 1.00 to 4.00 ea. We do want to sell these and Robin is willing to make a deal for the bigger sales. This is a fine time to plant them in order for them to establish their roots for beautiful blooms next spring."

Diane made a pinterest board with a lot of adorable slipper patterns that you could use for the retreat swap:

Ann Driscoll will be demonstrating how to make a 2 ft. by 4 ft. board that will fit over your own ironing board that is great for ironing large pieces of fabric.  This will only take about 10 minutes and I will have the directions to hand out
And a reminder about the retreat:
Thought I'd give you a little update about the upcoming retreat at Hummingbird Music Camp in the Jemez Mountains, September 18-20. We will be taking sign ups at the first August meeting.  The cost this year is $120 plus $5 if you want to do the night owl (which you do!)  If you are taking Barbara Gary's class it's $10 more for the papers.
We will be swapping handmade slippers.  Make them in the size you wear and you'll swap with another person your same size.  I've attached a list of links to free slipper patterns.  Trust me, you will enjoy handmade slippers. Bring them in a shoe box.
The class choices are Barbara's Judy Niemyer quilt, Sue Harris' DNA quilt and UFO.
We will begin classes at noon on Friday, you can arrive at camp after 10 am.  Please no early birds, camp will not be ready for us. Bring your lunch.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Retreat Info.

Hello Ladies,
Thought I'd give you a little update about the upcoming retreat at Hummingbird Music Camp in the Jemez Mountains, September 18-20. We will be taking sign ups at the first August meeting.  The cost this year is $120 plus $5 if you want to do the night owl (which you do!)  If you are taking Barbara Gary's class it's $10 more for the papers.
We will be swapping handmade slippers.  Make them in the size you wear and you'll swap with another person your same size.  I've attached a list of links to free slipper patterns.  Trust me, you will enjoy handmade slippers. Bring them in a shoe box.
The class choices are Barbara's Judy Niemyer quilt, Sue Harris' DNA quilt and UFO.
We will begin classes at noon on Friday, you can arrive at camp after 10 am.  Please no early birds, camp will not be ready for us. Bring your lunch.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Next Meeting

Good Morning Ladies,

This is the week for our placemat class.  Take a look at the newsletter for supplies and instructions.

Kathy Sublett asked anyone who was in the Butterfly class at Fiber Arts to bring their quilt for show and tell.  Also, if you entered a quilt in Fiber Arts, please bring that along for show and tell as well.

Remember to bring your Hugs and Kisses blocks for the quilt for Hannah.  I've attached a sweet photo of Hannah and her Grandmother Faye from a sewing day at Thimbleweeds.

We'll be taking sign ups for the 2015 Dangle Swap.

And...we'll be talking briefly about the Hummingbird Retreat.

A busy, busy day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Here is the Hugs & Kisses pattern for Faye Hurd's grandaughter, Hannah. Please complete as many blocks as you'd like and bring them to the next Thimbleweed meeting, June 18, 2015. Save the trimmed triangles for Sue Harris to possibly use in the border. Thanks!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring Quilt Show

Please check out highlights from the show at Quilting Mod, Afton's modern quilting blog.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Betty Blackwell Passed Away

As many of you already know, one of our long time members, Betty Blackwell, passed away this week.  There will be a celebration of her life at 2 pm on Sunday, May 24th at the Historic Old San Ysidro Church in Corrales.  There is an obituary in today's Journal.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Quilt Show Recognition

What a fun day we had today.  Just wanted to send out some thank yous and acknowledgements:

To all of you who were on the weather committee...The best weather ever!

To Kathy Lyon and her husband and all of you who baked or brought something....we had so many yummy treats for our visitors.  We were also able to make up a nice plate of cookies as a thank you to the guys who set up the park and beautified it just for us!

To Irene and her team of terrific ticket sellers.  It looked like we made some serious money on our raffle quilt.

To Bob's, Busy Bee and ThreadBear, our spiffy vendors.  I hope you all found something you couldn't live without!

To Pat's guys really drew a crowd...and that lively music had people tapping their feet and dancing through the show.  Thanks!

To Barbara and Suzi, thanks for delivering water bottles to thirsty Tweeders and for staying to help at the end of the show!

To the Konetznis...thanks for help with set up and take down and for inviting your Iris Society buddies!

To Kathy Sublett who did a lot of the publicity work, so we had a crowd of visitors!!

To my sweet husband, who is just so handy and helpful, for bringing his old timey music to liven up the back side of the show!

And to all of you, more than 30 of you, who brought more than 250 quilts to show off...I am truly appreciative.  

You are all part of what makes Thimbleweeds a special group!

Wow, that was a lot of exclamation journalist daughter would be aghast!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Class on May 7, 2015 Supplies needed

At our May 7, 2015 meeting Judy A. will be presenting a class on constructing the Fat Quarter Gypsy Bag. Here is the supply list and parts to prepare: This list also appears under the Upcoming Classes Tab:

FOR THE TOP (outside)
6 fat quarters YOU WILL NOT BE USING THE FULL FAT QUARTER – from each fat quarter (doesn’t have to be a fat quarter either) cut one rectangle   17 ½  x 19 1/2 inches  YOU WILL NEED  6  (when you sew them together you should have a piece of fabric  38 ½  x 51 ½ " )   
                                                Fat Quarter Gypsy Bag 
ONE SOLID or PIECED OF ANY  FABRIC (you can also use a ufo, do diagonal strips,  make a scrappy patchwork – anything you want as long as it is the same size as your lining- 38 ½ x51 ½
- if you are going to use directional fabric  you will need to cut it in half – turn one side upside down and sew back together -  cut it wide enough to allow for the extra seam ( if you are using a half inch seam you will need to add 1" so your fabric will start out 39 ½  x 51 ½ " ). 



FOR THE HANDLES – you will be making two handles - ~ 1" WIDE x 40 - 72" LONG.
1/3 yd.  Coordinating fabric
thin batting or flannel for handles – aprox 2” wide and desired length
22" of 1" wide non-roll elastic cut into two 11” pieces
Couple of BIG safety pins   ( I WILL SUPPLY THE ELASTIC AND PINS)

HANDLES - This pattern calls for cutting 2  2 ½ " x 40" of fabric and one of batt or flannel sandwiching and sewing down both sides – this requires turning – if you want to do it this way you will need a turning tool.

ALTERNATE METHOD -  cut 2 strips  4x as wide as you want your finished handle  - I use 5"  and as long as you want your handle (44" is good )  
Cut your  batt or flannel  TWICE  the finished width ( ~ two inches) x desired length
FOLD YOUR FABRIC IN HALF LENGTHWISE AND THEN FOLD EACH SIDE TOWARDS THE CENTER – PRESS – OPEN (you will have four sections)   PLACE YOUR BATTING IN THE CENTER (over the middle two sections) –  FOLD THE TWO SIDES IN AND FOLD IN HALF.  You should have no raw edges and a handle about 1" wide – SEW THE OPEN SIDE WITH A STRAIGHT OR ZIG ZAG STITCH  (can sew both sides for  esthetics or use decorative stitches – whatever you like)


Your sewing machine with accessories and coordinating thread (throw in your zipper and walking foot)
Sewing scissors
A ruler
A fabric marker – if you don’t have one – don’t buy one – we will be marking two lines – you can borrow or use a piece of masking tape
A rotary cutter and mat to cut the handles  (you can certainly use a pair of scissors instead )
An iron – I will be setting up the thimbleweeds irons but some like to bring their own

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This is UFO week, so bring something to work on a snack or sack lunch and hang out with friends!

Remember our Outdoor quilt show is coming up.. on April 19.  Please start thinking of quilts you'd like to show...old, new, even if you've shown them before, we love them all!  We need about 250 all together, so bring a trunk load.  You'll need to make a tag with an index card and attach it to your quilt with whatever information you wish to share.  Use a colored card if it's for sale.  And start crossing your fingers for a still, balmy, beautiful day.  The guys at the park are already sprucing up, so it'll be beautiful.  Pick up a stack of flyers to deliver to your church, hair salon, school, friends, family members :)

I received a note from Glennda that Linda Littman's husband passed away today.  I'll share more news as I receive it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Annual Outdoor Quilt Show

The Thimbleweeds Rio Rancho Outdoor Quilt Show will, weather permitting, be held April 19.  Over 200 quilts hanging clothesline style, fun vendors, music, refreshment, and FREE admission!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

New items posted!

Look for the new items added to Upcoming Meetings. Click on the tab above to see what your quilting friends are offering!  Be sure to browse the Show and Tell page. Lots of great work to inspire you and it's updated shortly after each meeting!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fiber Arts Fiesta Submission Dates EXTENDED!

Due to the weather and technical difficulties people have had using the electronic entry form, we have decided to extend the postmarked deadline for entries to March 4   But please, if you are having problems, email

Entry is easy and FAF is looking to have lots of quilts entered. Entry information is on the Fiber Arts Fiesta website at   
Looking forward to see all of your quilts at the show and your other fiber entries.

Also note that they have extend the Youth entry deadline.  The date of that deadline is March 10.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gloria Shapiro's service

Hello Ladies,
There will be a live broadcast on Sunday March 1st at 9AM (Mountain time) for Gloria Shapiro's service. The website is:
At the bottom of the page on the link are places you can donate in Gloria's name if you wish to do so.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thimbleweeds on AQS Quilt Views

Check out the article here:

Saturday, February 14, 2015

AQS Volunteers

A Big Thank You to all of our active members who volunteered and worked at the AQS show in January. It was wonderful to have such a dedicated and easy to work with group! It was nearly everyone in the room, except for guests and new members! Feb 5, 2015.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Next Meeting

Hello Ladies,
It's time for our first February Thimbleweeds meeting!
We are having UFO day, so bring a project and your lunch and plan to stay.
And, Block of the month sign up. This is a new year!.
Find out how we did with $$$ from the AQS show! Celebration treat too!

Kathy will have the quilt frame at both February meetings if anyone wants to use it to photograph quilts for the Fiber Arts Fiesta.  Deadline for submission is 3/2/15.

Please put April 19th on your calendar...that's the day we'll be having our outdoor quilt show this year.

And, see below for a chance to visit Socorro and see a small quilt show:

On the event of the 400th anniversary of San Miguel Mission and the 125th anniversary of New Mexico Tech, a group of volunteers from the Fiber Arts Guild of Socorro County have collected a wide variety of quilts from members of the community.  This retrospective of quilts from the 1840s to the present day will be on display in the upstairs lobby of the Macey Center, 801 Leroy Place, on the campus of NM Tech in Socorro from February 4th until March 3rd.  Viewing hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday during that four week period.
Please go and share in this display of the wonderfully diverse heritage of the community's textiles.
Directions to the Macey Center are available on line or on your GPS.
NOTE:  The sand hill cranes and snow geese should still be in residence at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge about 15 miles south of Socorro.  You could see the show and then go down and view the cranes.  A twofer!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

 It's finally here. We have hung a beautiful show with amazing quilts. Hope to see each and every one of you this week. A little bit of parking info: we are in the Albuquerque Convention Center East Complex in downtown Albuquerque. There is a parking lot south of that building or underground parking on Marquette.  Also parking in smaller lots around the area and some street parking. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Get Your Passes While They're Hot

This important info just came in from Barbara G:
Donna would you tell members that I will be at Thimbleweeds on Thursday with armbands for entry to AQS please try to come and pick yours up or designate someone to pick up your entry to aqs and sign  their life away to get it to you.

PS, I'm looking forward to crossing paths with you guys on Friday and Saturday at AQS!  IT's going to be a fun time!