Thursday, October 16, 2014

Community Service Chatter

November 20, 2014   Garage Sale to benefit community service. Please bring your sewing or fiber arts related items to be donated to us. Items like patterns, magazines, books, UFO’s, and sewing room décor. We will have tables up and you will purchase your items based on what you would be willing to pay for them at a garage sale. We will not be pricing them. The proceeds will pay for batting and other needs for Community Service.  It’s a good time to go through your sewing rooms and clean them up for 2015.

December 4, 2014   We are again asking for donations of packages of socks and underwear  for  Storehouse West “Kids Clothes Closet”. Any size, or age group up to high school children are able to use this service. They do not have to be wrapped.
Any questions, please call Barbara S., Kathy S. or Sandy U.

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