Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Please remember there isn't a meeting this week, or next week, or the week after that!  We won't meet again until the 21st of August.  That's the day of Jeanne's styrofoam lunch carrier project.  It is just beautiful and I know you'll want to participate.  If you need information you can call Jeanne.  

We will also be swapping the dangles on the  If you signed up for the dangle swap and won't be there, give your dangles to someone to bring.  

That will also be the day to make your final Hummingbird payment.  Please remember to call Becky Welsch if you want a thread or project kit for Hummingbird.

And...Kathy Sublett will be teaching her 3D class we all enjoy on the 28th.  There is a $5 kit fee, so call her if you want to sign up for that.  I think you want to take this...all of the parts are cut, so you just get the fun of making the block!

This note came from Gini, and concerns those of you interested in a small group:

Dear ladies!
We had a wonderful first meeting! And we missed those who were unable to come!
Mark your calendars!!! ;)
Due to summer conflict plans we have decided to have our next meeting
Sept 25th. We decided to meet on the 4th Thursday of the month from
10:30 to 2 pm and we want everyone to RSVP the hostess!!!  Who is
Marilynn Cayton! Yippee!  At
6901 Japura Court NE--- near Bernalillo...
Contact numbers:
505-670-4778 or
  We haven't come up with a name yet, and details may change but will
let you know as I find out. And we want to stick with "sack lunches"
for now......
Day trips, UFO meetings, and whatever else we can come up with! ;) for
the 4th Thursday of the month!
Please feel free to fwd this email to a lady that might be interested in coming.
And until then..... happy Stitching!

And finally, from Bobbie:
Robin Cockrell was a long time member of Thimbleweeds and has moved to Oklahoma where her husband is now employed. Robin worked with Community Service for many years, housing the fabric and batting for TW.  Many of you would see her hauling in tubs of the fabric, batting and unfinished quilts to many meetings, she along with others would cut many kits at home for us to sew and kept track of all the quilts to be donated to various organizations.  If you can, would you please make her a block, then turn it back into Phyllis and lets show Robin that Thimbleweeds is very thankful for all the hard work she did for so many years.
Robin Cockrell    9.5" unfinished block
Fabric: Batik
Colors: Turquoise, Purple & Lime Green
Your block can be either pieced or applique, totally your choice.  Blocks will be collected by Phyllis Allen up until the last meeting in October which will be October the 16th.
Thank You Ladies!!!!

I think that covers everything on my list,


Thursday, July 17, 2014

DyeFusion Show

DyeFusion Presents

A Breakdown in Printing

Ester Bone Library
950 Pinetree Road
Rio Rancho
M&W 9-5
T&T 12-8
F&S 9-1

Who knew that when a few friends got together one summer day to share ideas on surface design that it would develop into the lively group it is today? DyeFusion is a 7 member group which meets regularly to explore all manner of altering cloth using dyeing, silkscreening, katazome, shibori, batik and other techniques.

Their 3rd show at the Ester Bone Library, runs through September 3rd, and features fabrics made using a technique known as deconstructed screen printing. Thimbleweed members Donna Barnitz, Colleen Konetzni, Mary Moya andLynn Rogershave pieces in the show. Also exhibiting are Elizabeth Dawson and Brenda Williams.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Next Meeting

We're going to have a fun and busy meeting this week!
First, Jo White will do a little trunk show of things she has made from vintage quilt parts, then we'll have a community service sew in.  We won't have a business type meeting so we can fit in everything else.

Our community service projects for Thursday will be completing the rest of the apron kits and luggage tag kits. We need lots of helpers and 3 more sewers.  If you can bring your sewing machine we would greatly appreciate it. We have lots of jobs for pressers. Bring a sack lunch and they'll be a desert SURPRISE!! We also have 20 take home kits. Once we power out this day, we will have all the gifts we need for the Fiber Arts Fiesta for next year. 
Barbara,  Sandy and Kathy   Questions call 867-2138

Also, Bobbie will be at the meeting this Thursday with some of Loretta's Loot (Thread, Needles, Rotary Cutters & Blades, some Marking Pens and some Small Gingher Scissors).  If you have a friend who doesn't have e-mail, you might give them a heads up.

We'll also be taking sign ups for Hummingbird.  There are about 4 spots left.