Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Upcoming Meeting

Hello ladies,
Looks like there is a fun meeting planned for this week..  See below for the supply list.  We all know what a good class Jeanne puts on, so be sure to jump in and enjoy this project.  You could even wear your hat for the quilt show!!

March 20 Jeanne Hurt's Flower and Hat Band
1. Bring all sewing supplies 
 A.  Ripper 
 B.  Sewing Machine 
 C.  Pencil or marking pin 2. Scraps of fabric to make: 
 A.  Flower for your hat 
 B.  Eyelash yarn to make center of flower 
 C.  A pinch turner or hemostat 
 D.  Thread to match your flower color—you may want a contrasting color for quilting 
 E.  Bring scraps for leaves and hat band. (green maybe) 
3. Paper to trace or draw leaves (may trace my leaves) 
4. Bring  colors for bird of you plan to add a bird 
5. Bring Hat—old-new-used sun hat.  One you will wear for tea/ 

PS, The Albuquerque Philharmonic is playing at Cleveland High School on Friday evening at 7"30....and it's free!

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