Sunday, August 18, 2013

Note From Gail

Hi Donna and Thimbleweeds,
Thanks so much for spearheading the drive to collect school supplies for my friend, Lynn, who will be teaching in Ghana beginning in December.  I tallied all the ‘loot’ today and WOW!!!  Here’s what you contributed!  Thanks so much!  You are
41 spiral notebooks
30 composition notebooks
1 ream copy paper (can easily get more)
15 packs lined notebook paper
About 500 pencils
10 Elmer’s Glue
14 2-pocket folders
2 drawing pads
200 sheets construction paper
2 48-pack crayons
24 24-pack crayons
2 workbooks
12 packs crayola markers
1 pack pencil crayons
5 24-pack colored pencils
12 12-pack colored pencils
12 glue sticks
4 mini-notebooks
~100 pens
12 pencile sharpeners
22 mechanical pencils
2 Sharpie Markers
18 jumbo markers
36 reading books
Gail Garber

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