Monday, July 15, 2013

Thimbleweeds Thursday

It's going to be a crazy busy meeting, plan to come a few minutes early, so we can get everything done and enjoy Holly's class!!

Bring your money for camp.  It would be great if you had your registration and your check for either $55.00 or $110 filled out and ready to go.

If you haven't paid me or Marlene for pizza, please do that, so we can pay the pizza guy!

Remember the thread guy is coming, so bring some $$ for that.

Holly class supplies (see the newsletter or blog for the list).  Remember we're each giving Holly a spool of thread as a thank you.  There will be a silver wire basket for you to drop your thread into at the welcome table with Ann and Gini.

The dangle swap....bring your 25 dangles.  We'll have bags set up on a table and you will need to drop one of your dangles in each bag.  At the end of the meeting you'll go home with a nice little package to enjoy with a cup of tea!

Note:  If you maybe possibly picked up Kathy Gonzales' bag of batik swap strips at the last meeting will you either give her a call and let her know you have them, or bring them back to Jeanne at the meting Thursday.

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