Thursday, October 18, 2018

October 18 Meeting

Our meeting today had a smaller number of attendees than usual; only about 40 people came. Show & Tell was also sparse with 3 people showing their creations. Check out the Show & Tell under the Show & Tell 2018 tab above to see the lovely creations shown today.

At our next meeting in November is Projects & Potato Day. If you wish to attend please contact Benee. Bring potato toppings, etc. too.

Also, I (Daryl) will be taking sign-ups for the Selvage Class I will be teaching the first March meeting. Cost is $15 for the class, which includes a kit with everything you need to make a mug rug and a fabric basket, including the selvages. (To be safe, bring some selvages of your own too). You need to bring white, off white or light gray thread and your basic sewing supplies, machine, etc. I will post a list on the blog in January and give you a hand out when you sign up and pay for the class. Deadline for signing up is the 2nd meeting in February. 

The first eleven people to sign up for the Selvage Class, I will be including a little something extra. Must pay when you sign up to receive the extra goodie though. How's that for incentive? LOL!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Ann D's Quilt aka Inman Park Quilt

Ann D. showed this quilt at our last meeting. Ann said she saw it on Pinterest and said there was no pattern and she just figured it out. I am sure it isn't too difficult to figure out if you have a sheet of graph paper, but I did find someone who sells this pattern (as a pdf download) on Etsy for $5 if you would rather pay someone else to tell you how to cut and sew this quilt.

It's called the Inman Park Quilt.  Here is the photo from Etsy:

Here is Ann's quilt:

The top quilt has been turned a different direction from Ann's quilt. It's a fabulous quilt to use up scraps! Both colorful scraps and white scraps too!!! Thanks for sharing Ann.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hello Everyone,
We had a full Show & Tell with all the beautiful projects that happened with Fall Retreat at Hummingbird Camp. As cooler weather is approaching, Thimbleweed Quilters are preparing to help the homeless by providing fleece scarves and hats. Project day is our next meeting on October 4. Please see the Community Service page for more information. Remember to look at the Quilt Shows tab and perhaps get to travel and enjoy the Santa  Fe Quilt Fiesta coming soon. 
Happy Stitching, Holly

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Hello Everyone,
Today's meeting included some nice Show & Tell along with regular happenings. Afterwards Kathy S gave is an inclusive review about what the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta judges are looking for to award prizes. Entries for the May 2019 show begin January 4 through March 1, 2019. Please see the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council Website for the details.
Our next meeting on September 20 is the Members Garage sale. Please bring any of your gently used items sewing and non-sewing related and set up a table for free. 
Happy Sewing, Holly

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pot Holder Swap for December Meeting

Jeanne H. is heading up the Potholder Swap for our December meeting. Make a potholder and you will receive back a potholder. Jeanne will explain in December how she will go about doing the swap.

There is no theme for the potholders, so they do not have to be holiday themed at all, just hand made. I (Daryl) have added several free potholder patterns or tutorials under the FREEBIES tab at the top of this blog. Click on "Freebies" tab and scroll down to the potholders. See something you like? Click on it and it will take you to where the pattern or tutorial is located on the internet. If it is in a pdf format, just save to your computer somewhere that you can find it later. Or copy and paste the tutorial to a WORD document and again save it to where you can easily find it later. Hint: create a folder on your computer aptly named Potholders and save all the potholder patterns you want to that folder. Think of your computer as a metal file cabinet filled with folders that you name so you can find what you are looking for and place into that folder. That is all a computer is really a place to store things you want to find later, only a computer takes up a lot less space.

I will add more potholder patterns as well as other patterns under the Freebies tab, so please stop by and check it out.

Here are a few that you will find under the FREEBIES tab:

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Hello Everyone,
Today's meeting was eventful and full of information. We had many more Doo-Lollies turned in for the Thimbleweed contribution to Fiber Arts Fiesta - nearly 150 items completed so far of the 200 we need. If you have some parts you signed up to do, please get theses done and turned in soon and we won't have to spend time at a meeting making these. Show & Tell was inspiring as usual with some of our members getting a lot done this summer. Great going, Ladies! To complete our meeting Brandi Perea of Tea Cup Quilts gave us a trunk show of the quilts she's made from pre-cuts from her store. She shared a few ideas about why some quilts worked better than others and how you can use pre-cuts to make your quilt top construction faster and easier. Kids go back to school before our next meeting so we should have the whole room for Thimbleweed again to enjoy working with Irene as she presents the roll-up Travel Blanket on Aug 16. Preparation instructions are on the Upcoming Meetings tab.
Happy Stitching, Holly

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Salvage Your Selvages: Upcoming Class

Hello Quilters! I (Daryl) will be teaching a class on sewing selvages at the first March 2019 meeting, so start saving your selvages now. If you are not going to take the class, please save your selvages and give them to me so I can share them with the other ladies who do take the class.

The cost of the class, including a kit with everything that you will need to make both a mug rug and a basket (except for the thread) will be $15. The kit will include selvages too, possibly enough to make both items. However, that will depend on how many people will be taking the class and how many selvages I can gather together, so to be sure, please bring whatever selvages that you can collect as well. Note: I will explain all 3 methods for finishing the mug rug, but will only include straight cut binding for the mug rug. So you can choose to do the pillow birthing method or the regular binding method in class and if you want to bind your mug rug with curved edges using a bias binding, I will explain how, but will not be including the bias binding in the kit.

How do you cut your selvage ends? That depends on how wide the printed selvage is to begin with and how much printed fabric that you want. 1/4" will be taken up on the fabric side in the seam, so as a rule of thumb, I like to cut or rip at least 1" wide measured from the selvage edge, so that will give you 1/2" of selvage and approximately 1/2" of pretty fabric. 1/4" of the pretty fabric will be sewn into the seam, so if you want more than 1/4" of pretty fabric showing, then cut your selvage edge wider than 1" wide. It's all personal preference.

How long your selvages are will depend on the amount of fabric that you have to begin with. If you have a yard of fabric, you will have 36" in length. A fat quarter will yield about 18" or so. All lengths are good to have, because you will use them up eventually in different ways. So even a normal quarter yard that give you 9" is good.

Here is an example of some cut selvage edges. From Sew Mama Sew blog.

What will we make in the class? To start off, I will teach you the concept of how to sew the selvages, so we will be making a Mug Rug. You will have 3 choices of how to finish your edges of the mug rug: birthing pillow method (not pictured), regular binding like a quilt or curve the corners and use bias binding (Note: bias binding will not be included in the kit, but I will explain how to finish the mug rug using this method, if anyone is interested). Then we will move on to make a small basket.

Regular binding on Mug Rug.

Curved corners with bias binding Mug Rug.
Selvage Basket sample that I will be teaching in the class:
The class basket will be the size of the basket on the right or left (not the taller one in the center). Kits will contain everything needed to make the basket and the mug rug, except the thread and possibly enough selvages, however there will be several selvages included in the kit, just not sure how many at this time.

For inspiration here are other things you can make using selvages:
Here are a couple of selvage zippered pouches that I have made a while back.
Another zippered pouch.
Small basket or thread catcher using selvages.

I will be announcing the class at the first meeting each month and start taking sign ups in December. Please pay $15 as soon as the sign ups begin so that can start putting the kits together. The deadline for payment will be the second February 2019 meeting. I will not be making any extra kits and will need payment no later than the 2nd February meeting in order to assure your spot in the class.

So start salvaging your selvages right now!!! Ask your sewing friends for them too. You will be surprised at how many people will save them for you if you ask. Ask them for cotton fabric selvages only. We will only be using the printed edge that includes one of more of the following: the dots of colors that were used in the print, the name of the designer, the name of the fabric company, the year the fabric was printed, the code number of the fabric line, the country where it was printed and possibly more. Some selvage edges have a fringed edge and that is okay to use too. We will not be using the opposite side of the fabric's selvage edge which will either be white only or the fabric printed to that edge. (see photo above for example of cut selvages).

I will post the additional basic sewing supplies that you will need to bring to class in a later posting. This will include to bring things like your sewing machine, iron, etc. I will bring the kits on the day of the class so that all you need to bring with you is your basic sewing items.

I have lots of tips and tricks that I will be sharing with you in the class on how to sew the selvages as well as the basket assembly. I hope you will join me at the first March meeting for Salvage the Selvages class. Believe me the tips and tricks are worth the class alone!