Finish It Club 2016

Finish It Club 2016
is organized by Emily S. and Vicki H and Jeanne H. as a stand in for Thimbleweed's regular Block Of The Month project. The concept is that each participant lists 10 items from their UFO piles or wish to do lists and and each month a number 1-10 is chosen. The participants finish that project that appears at the chosen number on their individual list to finish and be eligible for a prize.

The number 1 was chosen for November and was due in person at the First meeting in December. This completes the Finish It Club for 2016. We are looking forward to doing it again in 2017 with new organizers. A Big Thanks to Emeily S., Vicky H., and Jeanne H. for making it fun!

December 1, 2016
Sheila W - Tahoe Bag from Hummingbird Camp 2015

Mary M - Black, white and red finally finished!

Lucy G - Poppies for a Finish!

Irene R - Casserole Carrier as a Finish!

Jane V - Her Carpenter Star was her #1 Finsih It!

Anne T - Many little block make a stunning Finish It!

Ardith A - R, W, & B for Finish It!

Ardith A - The back was too good so became a quilt of it's own - a second Finish It!

All the Finish It! Club 2016 members that completed all 10 projects!

Finish It! Club Grand Prize Winner, Jane V - Congratulations on winning the final drawing!

The number 8 was chosen for August and was at the First September meeting.
September 1, 2016

Holly p - Seasonal Mug Rugs

Lucy G -  Cartwheel Constellation (from a few pieces to quilted and bound!)

Judy G - Civil War Block (BoM 2014) quilt top

Pat R - Table runner

Pat R - Reversible table runer

Ann D - Sewing Machine Cover

Irene R - Simple Modern table runner ( Sue H Design)

Faye H - Solar System wall hanging

Sheila W - Chatelaine

Sheila W -  wearing her Chatelaine

The number 5 was chosen for July was due at the First August Meeting.
So many finishers we took group photos to save time
August 4, 2016

The number 10 was chosen for June and was due the First July meeting. - There were many more finishes but the list was messed up so there is no accurate record. Please see the show and tell tab under this date for more photos.

July 7, 2016
Faye H - holiday blocks

 Holly P - Row by Row H2O 2015 row from Columbus, NE

Tara - Table Runner

Cathy G - Patriotic Table runner

Irene R - DNA Quilt

Sheila W - Owl Potholder

The number 2 was chosen for May and was due the First June meeting.
June 2, 2016
Lucy g - Braided Rug

Sheila W - 6 Rice Wraps

Bobbie P - Block Bag

Fay H - 9-11 Tribute

Irene R - Fruit Placemats

Cathy G -  X-mas Wall hanging

The number 9 was chosen for April and was due  the First May meeting.
May 5, 2016
Holly's Row by Row H2O from Vicky's fabrics in Kapaa, Kauai

Diane B. - Quilt from spring Retreat 2014

Lucy G. - April Finish It - Autumn Leaves and Fans

Lucy G. - Purple Pansies

Ann D - Polka dot Baby Quilt

Bobbie - Applique Garden Blocks

Judy G. - 2014 Civil War BoM

Mary M. - Moya Family Crest for Husband - Glad to be done with Lame and satin

Faye H. - Shattered Glass

Jannett S. - Christmas Stockings

Jeanne H. - Apples Wall hanging

Jane V. - Fall panel

Emily S. - butterfly wall hanging

Sheila W. - Fall retreat 2015 - Judy N. pattern presented by Barbara G.

The number 6 was chosen for March and was due at the First April meeting .
 April 7, 2016

Sign-ups happened at the January meeting. Number 4 was chosen at the first February meeting and was due in person or by photo at the first March meeting - 
March 3, 2016

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