Show & Tell 2017

August 17, 2017

Daryl P - New bag tested

Daryl P - Crossbody Bag

Daryl P - Mt Rainier

Daryl P - Fun fabric on this small bag

Daryl P - Wristlet Wallet

Daryl P - Knit Monster (he was shy...)

Daryl P - Custom Pencil / School supply pouch

Diane B - French fabric Placemats

Linda K - "Swap Meet" Quilts
Free pattern available under Fun Times tab

Judy A - Sunbonnet American girl 2
  Judy A - Sunbonnet American girl 3

Judy A - Sunbonnet American Girl 1

Shirley C - Pattern Daughter found and requested

Linda H - Balloon Fiesta Table runner

Joyce H - Notebook cover

Emily S - Doll quilts

Emily S - FIC Star wall hanging

Vicky H - State Flowers

Vicky H - Back of State Flowers (from states that have meaning to her)

Ann K - Steering Wheel Cover

Faye's notebook class finishers
Ann K, Anna Mae F, Mila V V, Nisha V, Sheila W

Ann K and Anna Mae F - Screen Bakets

Ardith A - Stash Buster 1

Ardith A - Stash Buster 2

Mila V V - notebook cover

Mila V V - 2 sling bags (ala Faye's class)

Irene R - Moose wall hanging


August 3, 2017

Group of finishes for the Debbie Jones class

Group of finishers for Benee's Britches Potholder class

Holly P - "DNA" Round and Round Quilt from Fall Retreat 2015

Holly P - Baltimore Block Style Table topper

Dartl P - Purse using decorative stitches on her machine

Daryl P - "Fish Extender" - (It's a Disney Cruises thing) to hang on cabin door

Ann D - Ginger Jars

Kennie W - 2 Table Wreaths

Kennie W - 3rd Table Wreath

Rosalie B - 2 Winter Table Runners

Cathy G - Double Delight

Sue H - Fall from fabrics found at "Tuesday Morning"

Sue H - "Cake Mix"

Sue - H - Streaks of Batiks (from one ombre fabric)

Sue H - Baby Quilt

Emily S - "Ricky Tims" Wall Hanging

Barbara G - Rancher's Daughter

Barbara G - Bargello

Bernie S - Red & White Table Runner

Jannett S - Blue & Brown

Faye H - Clothespin Bag

Faye H - Doll Bed Quilts

Lucy G - Christmas Door

Irene R - Placemats

Bevery T - 1600 Strip Quilts

Nancy W - One Block Wonder

Nancy W - Storm at Sea

Kathy S - Balloon Table Runner

Pat R - Spur Nova Spiral Wallhanging

Glenda C - "Froggie Went Courtin'"

Jeanne H - St apt's Day Wallhanging

Jeanne H - Notebook Cover

SJ S - Wonky Stars

Sheila W - 2 more squares

Katrina M - X-mas Wreth


July 20, 2017

Kennie W - Picture made in Debbie Jones class

Kennie W - Candle wreath with horses

Linda K - Kid Quilt

Benee K - Pillowcases and Bed runner

Cathy G - stair-step boxes

July 6, 2017

Cathy G -Wall Hanging

Cathy G - Bag

Ann V - Trip Around the World

Mary Ellen T - Fall Improv

Joyce H - Blue rope basket

Anita B - Mystery quilt

Sharon H - Art Quilt Wall hanging

Linda K - Snippets Flag

Linda K - R,W, & B Storm At Sea

Mila V - Rag wolves with a horse

Sharon C - Sling Purse from Faye's class

Joy A - Sling Purse from Faye's Class

Benee K - from Kennie's Class.
Advice: don't leave them in the closet together ... they multiply!

Pat R - Placemats from fabric panel of all colors

Barb S - Scrappy top

Emily S -  Christmas Table runner

Vicky H - Music qult

Bernie S - A stack of pillowcases

Nancy W - sling bag from Faye's class

Nancy W - Day at the Lake - Applique

Glenda C - Batik Blocks

Kennie W - Purse

Kenie W - Quilt (That's not bright floral)

Lucy G - Bears and Rag quilt by husband

Beverly T - Mystery quilt from 2016 Fall retreat

Sheila W -  4 more Laura Burch blocks

Tara C - Tablerunner

June 15, 2017

Kennie's wreath class finishers

Tara C - knitted flamingo

Tara C - Aprons

Anna Mae F - Pillowcases

Mary H - how to travel with your grandkids: make puppies and backpacks!

Yvonne S - Runners and more

Yvonne S - more runners

Daryl P - Winning quilt block

Daryl P - Balloon Purse

Daryl P - wallet for purse above

Daryl P - Table Rounder (not a runner because her table is ... round!)

Judy A - Sunbonnet Sue - beginning a set

Glenda C - Fishes

Glenda C - Lap Quilts from house blocks

Glenda C - back of lap quilt - more BoM blocks

Benee K - Runner

Irene R - Snowmen complete

Irene R - Witching Hour Quilt

Irene R - witching hour back - reversible quilt

June 1 , 2017

Holly P - Row by Row 2016 from Kapaia Stitchery, Kauai

Bev T - 4 Big Shots

Bev T - Baby quilt

Daryl P  - Alphabet pattern self designed - original and updated

Daryl P - Pick-a-Pocket bags

Daryl P - Doll Quilts - paper dolls from free stage

Daryl P - Zip bags

Daryl P - Cell Phone & cards purses

 Daryl P -  Sample made for Bag of Month

Daryl P - Row by Row from Washington state

Kathy S - Paradise in Bloom Quilt entered in Fiesta 

Kathy S - Moonlight Reflections

Nancy W - Horse head applique

Pam R - Southwest Dream Catchers

Evonne H - Christmas wall hanging

Evonne H - Fall table runner

Linda H - T-shirt quilt from Hell

Lucy G - Tropical leaves wall hanging from H Altman class Aug 2013

Cathy L - Scrappy Oak Leaf pillow

Maxine R - Table runner from long ago (still had additional fabric in stash!)

Maxine r - Wall hanging

Maxine R - Table Runner

Bernadette S - Wolf and Wildlife quilt ready for ragging

Judy G - Doll Quilts

Irene R - Heart placemats and hot pads from scraps

Pat R - Moroccan Table runner

Pat R - Raven Quilt for son-in-law

Fay H - Doll quilts

May 18, 2017

Nancy W - Applique Round Robin Quilt

Joy A - Baby Quilt

Faye H - Puppy from Jeanne H class

Ann D - Estate Sale Blocks  into Quilt

Linda K - Tree Skirt for Son

Linda K - Tree skirt for self
 Linda K - Mom's Quilt

Irene R - Quilt from Spring Retreat 2017

Jeanne H - Showing Patti's Rosco - The denim bear ready for stuffing

Sheila W - Felted Hat


May 4, 2017

Diane B -  Finish-it-Club Table runner from a class

Sue H - Lap Quilt from panels and Rayon Batik top

Daryl P - Log Cabin Quilt

Daryl P - Table runners

Daryl P - Doll Quilts

Daryl P - Messenger Bag

Bev T - Finish-it-Club Turquoise etc. Quilt

Bernie - Finish-it-Club Cat Lap Quilt

Linda K - Puppy Class completion

Anna Mae F -  Finish-it-Club Star Quilt and Puppy class completion

Rosalie B - Finish-it-Club Fall retreat 2016 Mystery Quilt

Emily S - Finish-it-Club Wall Hanging

Vicky H - Finish-it-Club "Merry" Pillow Cases

Suzi C and Barb S - Doll Quilts (26 in this bunch)

Lucy G - Finish-it-Club Stained Glass (panel) Table Runner

Benee K - Spring retreat 2017 Wallhanging

Jeanne H - Finsih-it-Club BoM Feb 2015 into Wall Hanging

Sheila W - Finish-it-Club 3 more quilt blocks

Irene R - Finish-it-Club X-mas panel Apron


April 20, 2017

Kennie W - Patriotic and Purple wreath samples for class in June

Maxine R - past bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

Maxine R - Table topper

Marie B - Scrap Puppy from Jeannine H class

Daryl P - 3 doll quilts for donation

Nancy W - Finish it project Legacy Blocks by Ricky Tims

Benee K - Embroidered pillow and Cowboy Quilt

Juday G - Scrap Puppy from Jeannie H class

Faye H - Sling bag samples for summer class


April 6, 2017
Lots of beautiful show and tell this meeting. I apologize in advance for those fuzzy photos and catching eyes closed. I was going quickly to keep the show flowing. Thanks. 

Anna Mae F -  child's shirt aprons, project bags and thread catcher

Nancy W - Mexican Star Table topper

Nancy W - "First snow" Art Qult

Ardith A - Art quilt from a previous Debbie Jones class

Ardith A - To the Moon baby quilt

Ardith A - To the Stars Baby quilt

Evonne H - Tablerunner

Maricel F - little people Block of the month quilt from magazines

Maricel F - green chevron quilt

Maricel F - Tote bag made with her own embroidery stitch panel

Linda K - Scrappy quilt made with grid interfacing

Cathy G - Wall hanging, table runner and quilt accents are the "leftovers."

Cathy G, Eleanor, Ann V - tote bags made during a sewing day together

Irila V - Wolf Rag quilt and baby quilt, iron tote on stage
(Please contact me with your more accurate spelling of name, Thanks)

Bev T - Apron from 2016 Hummingbird retreat

Rosalie B - ShopHop Quilt

Rosalie B - Elephant Stuffy

Lucy G - "Wistful" from Spring retreat 2015

Kristen I - Southwestern Quilt

Bernie S - Sunflower Tabletopper

Ann D - Orphan Blocks quilt

Ann D - "Leftovers" of Orphan Blocks

Joy A - Carrot Bags

Colleen K - Veggie Tablerunner

Page G - Bird and Flowers Wall Hanging - from Spring retreat 2015

Fate H - % Doll Quilts from Orphan Blocks

Judy G - 1st Quilt ever made. She's learned a lot since then!


March 16, 2017

Kennie W - Volcano Panel

Mary M - Chili Quilt

Mary M - Feather Quilt

Linda H - Woven tubes Table runner

Kristen I - SW table runner

Kristen I - SW Quilt

Kristen I - Turning Ten Quilt

Kristen I - Butterflies

Nancy W - Framed Art Quilt

Back side showing Patti Lueker's Quilting - See Sue's quilt below

Sue H - Pink and Grey

Benee K - One Block Wonder Hexagon

Craft Carrier  Finishers - class presented previously by Anna Mae F

Inside of Craft Carriers

Judy L - Halters for her Yorkie puppies

Anna Mae F - 2 Child's aprons made from shirts

Anita B - Trivet / Hot pads (made from circles to hexagons)

March 2, 2017

Holly P - Bird of Paradise Art quilt

Barbara G - 2 Blocks from Moonglow

Anna Mae F - 2 aprons from men's shirts

Linda H - Poppy wall hanging

Mila v - 2 baby Blankets for Linus project locally

Roseann M - Pieced Garden for daughter

Joy A - Retro Trailer Bag

Bernadette S - ABC Baby Quilt

Evonne H - Maple leaf bed and lap quilts

Lucy G - Candlewick Pillow

Bev T - Iron Carrier

Faye H - Ear and arm warmer sets

Kennie W - 4 candle wreaths

Kathi M - Doll Bed (Woodworkers make) and Quilt from 10 year old

Joyce H - Yorkie placemats

Mary M - snowman Wall Hang

Bobbie P - Dolly Nine Patch

Bobbie P - 30's strip Quilt

Bobbie P - Pinwheel in 30's fabrics

Cathy G - Lodge Pine wall hanging

Glenda C - Purple and Pink

Nancy W - Green Diamonds

Pat r - Raven Quilt Block

Jeanne H - Mini quilt from 2015 BoM

Anna Mea F - "I Spy" placemats

Barb Streigal - Sparkling Turtles - rescued and finished

Colleen K - Tree skirt

Sheila W - Laurel Burch squares

February 16, 2017

Kennie W - Autumn Quilt

Kennie W - Wreath - sample for upcoming class

Daryl P - Snow Quilt

 Daryl P - Fabric Basket

Benee K - Swinging Mountains Wall Hanging

Benee K - TeaPot Wall Hanging

Judy G - Antique Summer Pieced Top

Kristen G - "Weekend Quilt" Falling Leaves

Mila VV - Purple Bag (Tahoe Tote)

Anna Mae - Charity Quilt 1

Anna Mae - Charity Quilt 2

Anna Mae - Charity Quilt 3

Vicky H - Autumn Acoustics

June R - Blue and Brown Oriental

February 2, 2017

Patty F - 3-D Flower Pillow 

Daryl P - Passport Wallet

June R - X-mas Stack "n" Whack

June R - Purple finish for block done before

Sharon H - Frayed Edge Flannel Child's Quilt - Bear choice from pattern

Anna Mae- Doll (18") Dress and Hat

Nancy W - Sewing Theme sneakers she purchased

 Nancy W - Close up of sneaker

Kennie W - Candle Wreaths ( project presentation coming this summer)

Mary M - Spring Retreat 2016 Scrap Quilt  (taught by Pat R)

Mary M - Spring Retreat 2016 using leftovers from above

Rosalie B - Baby Blanket from 5-Minute Blocks book

Pat R - Heart quilt with Pillow cover

Theresa O - Fold and Stitch Wreath from X-mas

******************************************************** January 19, 2017

Cathy L - Christmas Tree skirt

Rosalie B - Faith, Hope, & Love wall hanging

Benee K - Embroidered Pillow

 Benee K - Tablecloth and napkins for travel trailer firends

Mary M - Mono press dye technique, all dyed and quilted, no applique

Mary M - Judy Neimeyer pattern finally finished

Mary M - Baskets of Art Quilt

Anna Mae F - Valentine pillowcases for grandkids

Anna Mae F - Selvege pillow

Anna Mae F - Doll clothes

So Sorry Pretty Lady, I don't know your name. Please sign the sheet next time. We loved your quilt!

Same lovely lady with a quilt made for her photography class of her own photographs put on t-shirt transfer stock and applied to the fabric.

January 5, 2017

Daryl P - Daryl's Drive Purse - Named after her because she is pattern tester :)

Anna Mae - Kids pillowcases

Barbara G - Vintage Rose - a Judy Neimeyer pattern

Barbara g - 5" squares scrappy quilt

Pat R - Shockwave Quilt

Cathy L - Tote Bag from Quilt Works class

Mary Moya - Pink Kids Quilt

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