Show & Tell 2017

December 7, 2017

Daryl P - Messenger bag 

Daryl P - small messanger bag

Daryl P - baby quilt

Barbara G - Bright quilt

Barbara G - Tree skirt and pillow

Barbara G - Placemats

Barbara G - Baby quilt

Joy A - Frog Quilt - disappearing 9 patch

Joy A - Science of Frog diagrams as fun addition 

Joy A - Pink quilt

Jeanne H - Daughter's request table runner

Nancy W - placemats

Nancy W - Blooming 9-patch

Judy L - Round table topper

Judy L - reverse of topper

Linda K - Fall Leaves

Shirley C - Wizard of Oz

Shirley C - Dachshunds 

Shirley C - Triangles

Marie B - Christmas gifts

Marie B - Cat newpapers

Ann D - Lone Star

Irene R - Flower travel bags (rubberized fabric)

Ann K - chapstick holder

Sheila w - 3 more squares!

November 16, 2017

Tara C - stitched basket that Daryl made for her

Tara C - stitched basket that she made in Daryl's class

Tara C - Pincushion in a clog

Tara C - sew together bag that Daryl made

Tara C - inside of sew together bag

Daryl P - sew together bags

Daryl P - stitched baskets

Cathy G - stitched basket she made in Daryl's calss

Cathy G - travel blanket

Ann K - Attic Windows for husband

Linda H - Grandson's Graduation Pinwheels

Judy G - table runner

Judy G - holiday table runner

Judy G - 2 kids quilts

Irene R - cosmetic bag

Irene R - Tree skirt

Benee K - "Hands" banner for hand Dr.

Benee K - Embroidery


November 2, 2017

Benee K - Wedding Hearts

Beverly T - Dog house Toilet Tank Topper

Yvonne S - Squared Quilt

Yvonne S - Wool Applique

Joy H - 1st Quilt (ever) made! (Way to go Joy!)

Shirley C - Quilt Top

Judy G - J Neimier Paper-pieced / Gail Garber Class

 Nisha V - Spring Retreat 2017 quilt top

Nisha V - Wreaths

Irene R - Santa wall hanging

Judy L - Crib blanket top

Maxine R - two table runners

Sheila W - 4 more squares

October 19, 2017

Daryl P - Patchwork Bag 1

Daryl P - Patchwork Bag 2

Daryl P - Patchwork Bag 3

Joy - Placemats

Joy - Halloween wall hanging

Linda - Kid quilt 1

Linda - Kid quilt 2

Linda Kid quilt 3

Diane B - Halloween Quilt top to be a wedding gift

June - Antique Quilt 1

June - Antique Quilt 2

June - table wreath

Cathy G - Sew along bag and tote

Judy G - DNA quilt

Apologies to Ann D, Cathy L, and Irene R. Camera malfunction caused your photos to be lost.
October 5, 2017

Mary H - Twin quilt - Tents

Cathy G - French Braid

Sue H - Spiral HST

Sue H - Christmas quilts

Beverly T - Table runners - Birds and Seasonal

Beverly T - Bonnie Hunter Quilt

Beverly T - Day of the Dead table topper

Sharon C - Quilting for Quilts of Valor

 Sharon C - Quilting for Quilts of Valor

Kennie W - Table wreaths

Jeanne H - Placemats for Finish it club

Nancy W - Mexicaon Star

Nancy W - Jinny Beyer Tablerunner

Diane B - Apron from man's shirt and Sunflower set

Mary M - Baby blankets

Mary M - Baby blankets

Sheila W - two more blocks for Finish it club

September 21, 2017

Fall Retreat Night Owl Paintings

Fall Retreat - Benee's Class

Fall Retreat - Gail Garber's class

Anna Mae - apron

Gina M - Military Quilt

 Gina M - quilt back

Katrina M - Quilt done at Fall retreat

Mary M - State Fair Entry

Mary M - State Fair Entry - Blue ribbon!

Mary M - State Fair Entry - Red Ribbon!

Mary M - State Fair Entry

Mary M - State Fair Entry

Mary M - State Fair Entry

Mary M - State Fair Entry

Ardith A - Lilac Garden from 2016 Retreat

Jennie W - Table Runner - J. Neimeier Star

Pat R - Blue Crystal

Benee K - Candle wreaths

Benee K - Motorcycle Quilt

Benee K - Camp quilt

Diane B - Apron, casserole carrier,box, soup bowl holders

SJ S - Red Hearts

Rosalie B - Project Linus (and finish it club)

Rosalie B - Pot holders

September 7, 2017

Tara C - Lots of sample aprons - Fall Retreat Exchange

Daryl P - Retreat bag as a purse

Daryl P - "I Love Home" BoM

Daryl P - Organizer Pouches

Kathi M - Thinking of Hawaii

Kathi M - Cruising Fun

Kathrina M - Candle Wreath #2

Kathrina M - 6 bowl cozys

Beverly - Sewing kit

Bernadette S - Trains baby quilt

Kennie W - St Pat's Day Wreath and Fall Lap Quilt

Sue H - Large Throw

Sue H - Back of Throw -
It's a whole other quilt

Sue H and Kathy L - Joint effort Commnity Service Quilt for Albuq Christian Children's Home

Judy G - Prayer Flags

Judy G - Special  1810 Willam Clark reproduction fabrics -
After the Lewis & Clark Expedition (1804-06) William Clark was appointed US Superintendent of Indian Affairs in St. Louis. In 1810 he selected the cotton fabric reproduced here as presents for western Indian tribes with whom he dealt. Five different original samples are in the Museum of the Fur Trade.

Diane B - Lavender Table runner and placemats

Diane B - Quilting for Community Service

Diane B -   quilting for NMQA Quilt Bank Juvenile

Dian b - Quilting for NMQA Quilt Bank - Disappearing 9 patch

Benee K - Embroidered Wedding Invitation

Pan R - from Benee's Hot Britches class

Ann D - Deldres Stars

Ann K - Scrappy Placemats

Kathy G - Notebook cover and Apron

Jannett S - Pumpkin Wall Hanging

Sheila W - 2 more squares

August 17, 2017

Daryl P - New bag tested

Daryl P - Crossbody Bag

Daryl P - Mt Rainier

Daryl P - Fun fabric on this small bag

Daryl P - Wristlet Wallet

Daryl P - Knit Monster (he was shy...)

Daryl P - Custom Pencil / School supply pouch

Diane B - French fabric Placemats

Linda K - "Swap Meet" Quilts
Free pattern available under Fun Times tab

Judy A - Sunbonnet American girl 2
  Judy A - Sunbonnet American girl 3

Judy A - Sunbonnet American Girl 1

Shirley C - Pattern Daughter found and requested

Linda H - Balloon Fiesta Table runner

Joyce H - Notebook cover

Emily S - Doll quilts

Emily S - FIC Star wall hanging

Vicky H - State Flowers

Vicky H - Back of State Flowers (from states that have meaning to her)

Ann K - Steering Wheel Cover

Faye's notebook class finishers
Ann K, Anna Mae F, Mila V V, Nisha V, Sheila W

Ann K and Anna Mae F - Screen Bakets

Ardith A - Stash Buster 1

Ardith A - Stash Buster 2

Mila V V - notebook cover

Mila V V - 2 sling bags (ala Faye's class)

Irene R - Moose wall hanging


August 3, 2017

Group of finishes for the Debbie Jones class

Group of finishers for Benee's Britches Potholder class

Holly P - "DNA" Round and Round Quilt from Fall Retreat 2015

Holly P - Baltimore Block Style Table topper

Dartl P - Purse using decorative stitches on her machine

Daryl P - "Fish Extender" - (It's a Disney Cruises thing) to hang on cabin door

Ann D - Ginger Jars

Kennie W - 2 Table Wreaths

Kennie W - 3rd Table Wreath

Rosalie B - 2 Winter Table Runners

Cathy G - Double Delight

Sue H - Fall from fabrics found at "Tuesday Morning"

Sue H - "Cake Mix"

Sue - H - Streaks of Batiks (from one ombre fabric)

Sue H - Baby Quilt

Emily S - "Ricky Tims" Wall Hanging

Barbara G - Rancher's Daughter

Barbara G - Bargello

Bernie S - Red & White Table Runner

Jannett S - Blue & Brown

Faye H - Clothespin Bag

Faye H - Doll Bed Quilts

Lucy G - Christmas Door

Irene R - Placemats

Bevery T - 1600 Strip Quilts

Nancy W - One Block Wonder

Nancy W - Storm at Sea

Kathy S - Balloon Table Runner

Pat R - Spur Nova Spiral Wallhanging

Glenda C - "Froggie Went Courtin'"

Jeanne H - St apt's Day Wallhanging

Jeanne H - Notebook Cover

SJ S - Wonky Stars

Sheila W - 2 more squares

Katrina M - X-mas Wreth


July 20, 2017

Kennie W - Picture made in Debbie Jones class

Kennie W - Candle wreath with horses

Linda K - Kid Quilt

Benee K - Pillowcases and Bed runner

Cathy G - stair-step boxes

July 6, 2017

Cathy G -Wall Hanging

Cathy G - Bag

Ann V - Trip Around the World

Mary Ellen T - Fall Improv

Joyce H - Blue rope basket

Anita B - Mystery quilt

Sharon H - Art Quilt Wall hanging

Linda K - Snippets Flag

Linda K - R,W, & B Storm At Sea

Mila V - Rag wolves with a horse

Sharon C - Sling Purse from Faye's class

Joy A - Sling Purse from Faye's Class

Benee K - from Kennie's Class.
Advice: don't leave them in the closet together ... they multiply!

Pat R - Placemats from fabric panel of all colors

Barb S - Scrappy top

Emily S -  Christmas Table runner

Vicky H - Music qult

Bernie S - A stack of pillowcases

Nancy W - sling bag from Faye's class

Nancy W - Day at the Lake - Applique

Glenda C - Batik Blocks

Kennie W - Purse

Kenie W - Quilt (That's not bright floral)

Lucy G - Bears and Rag quilt by husband

Beverly T - Mystery quilt from 2016 Fall retreat

Sheila W -  4 more Laura Burch blocks

Tara C - Tablerunner

June 15, 2017

Kennie's wreath class finishers

Tara C - knitted flamingo

Tara C - Aprons

Anna Mae F - Pillowcases

Mary H - how to travel with your grandkids: make puppies and backpacks!

Yvonne S - Runners and more

Yvonne S - more runners

Daryl P - Winning quilt block

Daryl P - Balloon Purse

Daryl P - wallet for purse above

Daryl P - Table Rounder (not a runner because her table is ... round!)

Judy A - Sunbonnet Sue - beginning a set

Glenda C - Fishes

Glenda C - Lap Quilts from house blocks

Glenda C - back of lap quilt - more BoM blocks

Benee K - Runner

Irene R - Snowmen complete

Irene R - Witching Hour Quilt

Irene R - witching hour back - reversible quilt

June 1 , 2017

Holly P - Row by Row 2016 from Kapaia Stitchery, Kauai

Bev T - 4 Big Shots

Bev T - Baby quilt

Daryl P  - Alphabet pattern self designed - original and updated

Daryl P - Pick-a-Pocket bags

Daryl P - Doll Quilts - paper dolls from free stage

Daryl P - Zip bags

Daryl P - Cell Phone & cards purses

 Daryl P -  Sample made for Bag of Month

Daryl P - Row by Row from Washington state

Kathy S - Paradise in Bloom Quilt entered in Fiesta 

Kathy S - Moonlight Reflections

Nancy W - Horse head applique

Pam R - Southwest Dream Catchers

Evonne H - Christmas wall hanging

Evonne H - Fall table runner

Linda H - T-shirt quilt from Hell

Lucy G - Tropical leaves wall hanging from H Altman class Aug 2013

Cathy L - Scrappy Oak Leaf pillow

Maxine R - Table runner from long ago (still had additional fabric in stash!)

Maxine r - Wall hanging

Maxine R - Table Runner

Bernadette S - Wolf and Wildlife quilt ready for ragging

Judy G - Doll Quilts

Irene R - Heart placemats and hot pads from scraps

Pat R - Moroccan Table runner

Pat R - Raven Quilt for son-in-law

Fay H - Doll quilts

May 18, 2017

Nancy W - Applique Round Robin Quilt

Joy A - Baby Quilt

Faye H - Puppy from Jeanne H class

Ann D - Estate Sale Blocks  into Quilt

Linda K - Tree Skirt for Son

Linda K - Tree skirt for self
 Linda K - Mom's Quilt

Irene R - Quilt from Spring Retreat 2017

Jeanne H - Showing Patti's Rosco - The denim bear ready for stuffing

Sheila W - Felted Hat


May 4, 2017

Diane B -  Finish-it-Club Table runner from a class

Sue H - Lap Quilt from panels and Rayon Batik top

Daryl P - Log Cabin Quilt

Daryl P - Table runners

Daryl P - Doll Quilts

Daryl P - Messenger Bag

Bev T - Finish-it-Club Turquoise etc. Quilt

Bernie - Finish-it-Club Cat Lap Quilt

Linda K - Puppy Class completion

Anna Mae F -  Finish-it-Club Star Quilt and Puppy class completion

Rosalie B - Finish-it-Club Fall retreat 2016 Mystery Quilt

Emily S - Finish-it-Club Wall Hanging

Vicky H - Finish-it-Club "Merry" Pillow Cases

Suzi C and Barb S - Doll Quilts (26 in this bunch)

Lucy G - Finish-it-Club Stained Glass (panel) Table Runner

Benee K - Spring retreat 2017 Wallhanging

Jeanne H - Finsih-it-Club BoM Feb 2015 into Wall Hanging

Sheila W - Finish-it-Club 3 more quilt blocks

Irene R - Finish-it-Club X-mas panel Apron


April 20, 2017

Kennie W - Patriotic and Purple wreath samples for class in June

Maxine R - past bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

Maxine R - Table topper

Marie B - Scrap Puppy from Jeannine H class

Daryl P - 3 doll quilts for donation

Nancy W - Finish it project Legacy Blocks by Ricky Tims

Benee K - Embroidered pillow and Cowboy Quilt

Juday G - Scrap Puppy from Jeannie H class

Faye H - Sling bag samples for summer class


April 6, 2017
Lots of beautiful show and tell this meeting. I apologize in advance for those fuzzy photos and catching eyes closed. I was going quickly to keep the show flowing. Thanks. 

Anna Mae F -  child's shirt aprons, project bags and thread catcher

Nancy W - Mexican Star Table topper

Nancy W - "First snow" Art Qult

Ardith A - Art quilt from a previous Debbie Jones class

Ardith A - To the Moon baby quilt

Ardith A - To the Stars Baby quilt

Evonne H - Tablerunner

Maricel F - little people Block of the month quilt from magazines

Maricel F - green chevron quilt

Maricel F - Tote bag made with her own embroidery stitch panel

Linda K - Scrappy quilt made with grid interfacing

Cathy G - Wall hanging, table runner and quilt accents are the "leftovers."

Cathy G, Eleanor, Ann V - tote bags made during a sewing day together

Irila V - Wolf Rag quilt and baby quilt, iron tote on stage
(Please contact me with your more accurate spelling of name, Thanks)

Bev T - Apron from 2016 Hummingbird retreat

Rosalie B - ShopHop Quilt

Rosalie B - Elephant Stuffy

Lucy G - "Wistful" from Spring retreat 2015

Kristen I - Southwestern Quilt

Bernie S - Sunflower Tabletopper

Ann D - Orphan Blocks quilt

Ann D - "Leftovers" of Orphan Blocks

Joy A - Carrot Bags

Colleen K - Veggie Tablerunner

Page G - Bird and Flowers Wall Hanging - from Spring retreat 2015

Fate H - % Doll Quilts from Orphan Blocks

Judy G - 1st Quilt ever made. She's learned a lot since then!


March 16, 2017

Kennie W - Volcano Panel

Mary M - Chili Quilt

Mary M - Feather Quilt

Linda H - Woven tubes Table runner

Kristen I - SW table runner

Kristen I - SW Quilt

Kristen I - Turning Ten Quilt

Kristen I - Butterflies

Nancy W - Framed Art Quilt

Back side showing Patti Lueker's Quilting - See Sue's quilt below

Sue H - Pink and Grey

Benee K - One Block Wonder Hexagon

Craft Carrier  Finishers - class presented previously by Anna Mae F

Inside of Craft Carriers

Judy L - Halters for her Yorkie puppies

Anna Mae F - 2 Child's aprons made from shirts

Anita B - Trivet / Hot pads (made from circles to hexagons)

March 2, 2017

Holly P - Bird of Paradise Art quilt

Barbara G - 2 Blocks from Moonglow

Anna Mae F - 2 aprons from men's shirts

Linda H - Poppy wall hanging

Mila v - 2 baby Blankets for Linus project locally

Roseann M - Pieced Garden for daughter

Joy A - Retro Trailer Bag

Bernadette S - ABC Baby Quilt

Evonne H - Maple leaf bed and lap quilts

Lucy G - Candlewick Pillow

Bev T - Iron Carrier

Faye H - Ear and arm warmer sets

Kennie W - 4 candle wreaths

Kathi M - Doll Bed (Woodworkers make) and Quilt from 10 year old

Joyce H - Yorkie placemats

Mary M - snowman Wall Hang

Bobbie P - Dolly Nine Patch

Bobbie P - 30's strip Quilt

Bobbie P - Pinwheel in 30's fabrics

Cathy G - Lodge Pine wall hanging

Glenda C - Purple and Pink

Nancy W - Green Diamonds

Pat r - Raven Quilt Block

Jeanne H - Mini quilt from 2015 BoM

Anna Mea F - "I Spy" placemats

Barb Streigal - Sparkling Turtles - rescued and finished

Colleen K - Tree skirt

Sheila W - Laurel Burch squares

February 16, 2017

Kennie W - Autumn Quilt

Kennie W - Wreath - sample for upcoming class

Daryl P - Snow Quilt

 Daryl P - Fabric Basket

Benee K - Swinging Mountains Wall Hanging

Benee K - TeaPot Wall Hanging

Judy G - Antique Summer Pieced Top

Kristen G - "Weekend Quilt" Falling Leaves

Mila VV - Purple Bag (Tahoe Tote)

Anna Mae - Charity Quilt 1

Anna Mae - Charity Quilt 2

Anna Mae - Charity Quilt 3

Vicky H - Autumn Acoustics

June R - Blue and Brown Oriental

February 2, 2017

Patty F - 3-D Flower Pillow 

Daryl P - Passport Wallet

June R - X-mas Stack "n" Whack

June R - Purple finish for block done before

Sharon H - Frayed Edge Flannel Child's Quilt - Bear choice from pattern

Anna Mae- Doll (18") Dress and Hat

Nancy W - Sewing Theme sneakers she purchased

 Nancy W - Close up of sneaker

Kennie W - Candle Wreaths ( project presentation coming this summer)

Mary M - Spring Retreat 2016 Scrap Quilt  (taught by Pat R)

Mary M - Spring Retreat 2016 using leftovers from above

Rosalie B - Baby Blanket from 5-Minute Blocks book

Pat R - Heart quilt with Pillow cover

Theresa O - Fold and Stitch Wreath from X-mas

******************************************************** January 19, 2017

Cathy L - Christmas Tree skirt

Rosalie B - Faith, Hope, & Love wall hanging

Benee K - Embroidered Pillow

 Benee K - Tablecloth and napkins for travel trailer firends

Mary M - Mono press dye technique, all dyed and quilted, no applique

Mary M - Judy Neimeyer pattern finally finished

Mary M - Baskets of Art Quilt

Anna Mae F - Valentine pillowcases for grandkids

Anna Mae F - Selvege pillow

Anna Mae F - Doll clothes

So Sorry Pretty Lady, I don't know your name. Please sign the sheet next time. We loved your quilt!

Same lovely lady with a quilt made for her photography class of her own photographs put on t-shirt transfer stock and applied to the fabric.

January 5, 2017

Daryl P - Daryl's Drive Purse - Named after her because she is pattern tester :)

Anna Mae - Kids pillowcases

Barbara G - Vintage Rose - a Judy Neimeyer pattern

Barbara g - 5" squares scrappy quilt

Pat R - Shockwave Quilt

Cathy L - Tote Bag from Quilt Works class

Mary Moya - Pink Kids Quilt

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