Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fiber Arts Route 66 Exhibit

Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council
Exhibit Theme: Route 66

When: November 7-9, 2014

Where: Old San Isidro Church in Corrales on Old Church Road

The Education Committee of AFAC is presenting an integrated media display open to members of the 17 co-sponsoring guilds. Displays of works will be set up on tables and hanging devices throughout the space to showcase the various eras and geographic areas found along Route 66. The route extends from Chicago to Los Angeles and involves 7 states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas (one corner), Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

There will be no jurying or judging of the submissions. Photos of your entries are due October 1, 2014. Further information will be on the website,, under Education.

Education is the focus of the exhibit. We want to show what guild members do in their particular discipline. There will be demonstrations in the stage area.

The quilt committee has set limitations on the sizes of quilt entries because of space limitations. The quilts can be up to 36” wide and up to 48” long. Each quilt must have a 4” sleeve sewn on the back and have a label with the quilter’s name, address and the name of the quilt.

State           Bird                               Flower                                    Gem Stone
Arizona        Cactus Wren                   Saguaro Cactus Blossom   Turquoise
California      CA Valley Quail                CA Poppy                       Benitolite
Illinois          Cardinal                          Purple Violet                   none
Kansas         Western Meadowlark       Sunflower                      none
Missouri        Bluebird                         Hawthorn                       none
New Mexico  Roadrunner                    Yucca Flower                           Turquoise
Oklahoma     Scissor Tail Flycatcher       Mistletoe                        none
Texas          Mockingbird                    Bluebonnet                    Blue Topaz

New Mexico Route 66 Association has a website:

April 10, Thursday, there will be a Route 66 planning meeting that all guild members are invited to attend. It will be at Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 8600 Academy NE at Moon, one block past Walmart at 9:30 in Room 407 of the education wing of the church.

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